Miley Cyrus 2015 VMAs Costumes That You Can Totally Make On Your Own

The best time of year is upon us and it is about time you start planning that epic Halloween costume. Halloween is the moment when you can poke a little fun at pop culture, get political without being too serious or, if you want, just the perfect night to let your freak flag fly and pay homage to your favorite pop stars that do that on a daily basis. Now that Lady Gaga has recently toned down her meat dress antics at the dawn of her new acting career thanks to American Horror Story: Hotel, Miley Cyrus' 2015 VMAs looks are the new go-to for Halloween costume inspiration. Our girl Miley is here to provide you endless fruit for bizarre, kooky, and very iconic looks for the big night.

I am not talking about Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus, either. Since her now-iconic teddy bear bathing suit ensemble while on stage with Robin Thicke at the 2013 VMAS, Cyrus' outfits on the VMAs stages are the perfect inspiration to get very creative. When Cyrus hosted this years VMAs, she had a whopping 16 costume changes, so there are plenty of looks to pick from. The best thing about dressing like Cyrus a la the VMAs is that you're being topical, trendy, and wild, which is exactly what you want from a Halloween costume. Without further ado, here are some steps on how to put together three of her VMAs looks, from something you can re-use to the most far out.

Silver Tinsel Coat Miley

Right after Justin Bieber shed some tears on stage after his performance of "Where are U Now?", Miley Cyrus sauntered on stage in one of my favorite looks of the night: a silver, glittering tinsel coat. Ah, but the coat was not the only surprise. She unveiled a silver verrrry high cut leotard underneath and she looked like a fembot gone wild. This might be the easiest VMA look to pull off, as you don't have to actually make too many things. Your best bet is to find a silver leotard and/or bathing suit, like this one from American Apparel (shown below in black, $30), which would work perfectly.

These metallic platforms are almost identical, and only $16.99 at Forever 21:

The tinsel coat could be done with a grey faux fur coat, like this one from Forever 21:

To finish the look off, you should put your back back in a tight, high ponytail (use plenty of gel) and have a LOT of fun with extensions. You can pick up a small pack of pink hair extensions, like these at Amazon ($8.99), and throw in chunks of tinsel hair extensions to bring the entire look together. Shine on, tinsel queen.

Psychedelic Flower Child Miley

For this look, Miley conjured up more of the psychedelic disco dancing queen aesthetic, embellished with trippy flowers. One option is to go straight for a metallic jumpsuit, like this one I found on Amazon for about $40.

I also found some pretty cool options for two piece ensembles on Etsy, which you can also use separately, like these unicorn and rainbow print bell bottoms($60) and crop top ($40). The print might not be exact, but Miley would one hundred percent wear unicorn printed outfits and they're glow-in-the-dark!

Now, the most important aspect of this look is the flower sleeves, so the making of this piece might be the most time consuming. If you go for the top with sleeves, you can either go to your local dollar store to choose some fake flowers, or order these silk daisies in yellow and orange ($10 for 30 pieces). There are also options on Ebay to buy wholesale lots of various colors, which could work best to get the most funky combinations.

If you are skilled with a needle and thread, a small stitch would be enough to hold them in place and you can just alternate the colors as you go. Another option would be to use a glue gun and just a tiny dab for each flower until the sleeves are covered. If you want a jacket to remove throughout the night, you can order a cropped bolero just like this one at Amazon (below), and use the same technique to cover the entire piece with your fake flower buds.

Save a few of the flowers to put around your (pink extension-laden) pony tail and voila!

Technicolor Rainbow Miley

Here is the most adventurous and dare I say, outside of the box, Miley Halloween costume yet. The biggest component here is the rainbow box, and I think the easiest( and lightest) way to make this is out of a cardboard box. You would cut out a square that could cover your body and extend your head and almost to your knees. If you want something exactly like Miley, I would suggest covering the board with a thin white fabric, leaving an opening on the bottom (where you can slip in) and spray paint it in the rainbow colors above. Another option would be to just wrap the board in something that already has the pattern, like this super light and flexible tablecloth from Amazon:

You need to cut three holes to slip your head and arms through to wear the box. Next, is the fun part. Throw on some pink heels like these at Charlotte Russe ($15) and buy as many chunky, neon, plastic bangles that you can find and your arm can fit. I found these on Amazon ($10) and some more intense designs on Etsy.

Top off the look with another high ponytail and tons of multi-colored clip-in extensions ($14) — the longer the better! An extra bonus would be this rad eye ring, which is an homage to her eye-inspired outfits from later in the night.

Pretty much, whichever Cyrus VMAs look you decide to go for, you are going to get a lot of attention, so get those poses ready.

Images: Amazon (2); Dolls Kill; Forever21 (2); Ebay (1); American Apparel (2)