John Mayer Thinks Miley Is A "Whack Genius"

Miley Cyrus sure is a polarizing figure in pop music today. Her VMAs hosting stint had the kids screaming "Yasss!" and the parents screaming "Why, Hannah Montana, why?" Cyrus is a young woman who loves to speak her mind and live by her own rules, but unfortunately, many of those antics overshadow the fact that she has actually got some serious musical talent. The girl can sing, really well, and she puts her heart out in her performances. One new fan of her surprise album, Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz, is none other than John Mayer, who took to his Twitter to praise Cyrus' new album like a true fan

After her performance on the Saturday Night Live Season 41 premiere, a few other big names took notice. John Stamos also posted his support for Cyrus' emotional performances in reply to John Mayer's tweets. Stamos was a clear fan of her song, "Karen Don't Be Sad," which was an even more epic moment, due to the fact that Hillary Clinton introduced Miley herself. It is great to see Mayer show his open support for an artist like Cyrus, considering that he has had a shaky history with sexist remarks and saying a little too much on social media.

Mayer started his rant by quoting lyrics from one of my favorite songs from the album, "Lighter," which had a few '80s powerballad references. He used the word "transfixed" to describe the album, and that is certainly a word I would use to describe the diverse genres and sounds she has evolved into as an artist. Mayer didn't stop there and continued his lovely fanboy tirade:

Mayer quoted lyrics from "Slab of Butter (Scorpion)" and seems like he could keep going...

It didn't take long for Cyrus to send out her reply:

Earlier this year, Mayer did a rare interview with MSNBC, after he had banned himself after putting his foot in his mouth too many times. He called himself a recovering ego addict and confessed that he was "out of touch" especially after those sexist comments in his Playboy interview about his famous exes. Mayer even quit Twitter back in 2010, but this year it sure seems like Mayer is focusing on being more positive. Did the singer-songwriter finally grow up? A quick run through on his Twitter and you can see he has been tweeting much more sparsely, but he did take some time to also commend Lady Gaga for being a "real artist" earlier in February.

Well, despite any personal flubs he might have had in the public eye, John Mayer is extremely talented and he knows his music. He has also spoken about working on new music and going into the studio, so maybe we can expect a Miley Cyrus/John Mayer writing collab soon? Please?