17 Powerful One Word Tattoos That Prove A Single Word Can Make A Statement

I'm painfully jealous of people who can have tattoos. Having an allergy to metal being in my blood stream — which tattoo ink often has in it — I sadly can't partake in the fun that is getting a tattoo. However, that doesn't mean I can't admire them from afar, especially the powerful one word tattoos of the world.

If you ask me, one word tattoos are one of the greatest tattoo designs you can get. They somehow manage to capture so much heart and soul into a single word. Often eloquent and simple, they also grant an individual the ability to share a bold statement with the world. Just imagine how much thought has to go into a tattoo that's a single word. It has to be something that you're personally connected with or that has a very significant meaning in your life, but that won't get boring. Having the courage to then put that one word onto your body for life has to take some serious guts.

If you're one of these brave souls, props to you. If you're like me and without a single tattoo on your body, well, we can admire the tattoos of others from afar. So join me in paying tribute to 17 inspiring one word tattoos.

1. Alive

What better way to celebrate life than to have a tattoo with the word "alive" on it? It's a very beautiful salute to existence.

2. Possibility

I love the inspiration and unknown mysticism behind this word, and, if it were my tattoo, it would encourage me to take chances.

3. Gratitude

If there's one thing that will get you far in life, it's having gratitude. I think this tattoo is a perfect way to remember to be grateful, especially when you're having a moment.

4. Saved

Aw. This could have so many personal meanings to it, and I love the obvious heart that went into choosing this one-word tattoo.

5. Dear...

This is a very creative one-word tattoo. I love the ellipse after the word, which brings an aura of mystery to the tattoo's meaning.

6. Love

This knuckle tattoo spells out "love." We look at our hands constantly, so they're a great place to be reminded that you are loved not only by others, but by yourself.

7. Always

This is definitely a one-word tattoo for book lovers, but its magic wand detail makes this one-worder extra special and relatable to many.

8. Jordan

This person got the word "Jordan" tattooed on their arm to commemorate the Jordan River, symbolizing God's faithfulness. What a great way to create a personal connection to your beliefs.

9. Choice

The holder of this tattoo says it's one of the most meaningful ones she's ever gotten, and I believe it.

10. Wanderlust

I just love the sense of adventure and awe behind this word.

11. Stay Strong

There are technically two words etched into each of Demi Lovato's wrists, but I am a huge admirer of both Lovato and her meaningful tats. Plus, one word per wrist still equates to a one-word tattoo, right?

12. Adventure

We could all use a little more adventure in our lives, no?

13. Forgive

This is such a sweet tattoo that my heart is borderline melting.

14. Freedom

I love how the "m" in "freedom" is cut off, and I'd make a pretty large bet that such a personal touch has an even deeper meaning behind it.

15. Breathe

When life is getting chaotic, always remember to just breathe.

16. Here

This is the perfect one-word tattoo for grounding yourself and remembering to stay in the present moment.

17. Laugh

"Because it's important to laugh!" So true.

For tattoo newbies like me, a one-word tat might be the perfect way to transition into a life of ink.

Images: SarahZucca, Telly/Flickr