Nick Carter Is Bringing Backstreet Back On 'DWTS'

Attention everybody: get ready to rock your body, because Nick Carter is bringing The Backstreet Boys dance moves of yesteryear back on Dancing with the Stars — alright? According to Us Weekly, the Season 21 competitor will dance with partner, Sharna Burgess, to "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" during Monday's episode as part of the week's "Most Memorable Year" theme. The hit track was released in 1996, which Carter stated was "the year that changed my life forever." At only 12 years old, Carter and the four members making up Backstreet Boys became international pop superstars, and "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" remains one of their most memorable tracks — and music videos — to date. I, for one, never fail to exclaim, "YAS!" each time this masterpiece graces my radio waves, and also make a habit of re-watching the video for said masterpiece on a continuous loop (thanks, YouTube).

In an exclusive video clip released by Us Weekly, Carter is seen getting some help from his bandmate and friend, A.J. McLean, during rehearsal for what is sure to be a legendary DWTS performance. Burgess, Carter, and McLean are seen revisiting one iconic piece of choreography, which channeled Michael Jackson's "Thriller." But what about the other truly on fleek moves that were bestowed upon us when the music video first debuted?

Obviously, you and I will have to wait to see what other moves — and original footwork — will be included during the performance. As an avid fan of Backstreet Boys and "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)," I would be remised if I didn't put forth seven moves that should definitely make an appearance when Carter and Burgess take the stage.

1. The Eery Entrance

Will Carter emerge from a weathered tomb and don mummy garb during his performance? I vote that he should.

2. The Hop

Easy yet effective.

3. The Modernized Ballroom Dance

This move combines the classic romance of a ballroom dance with some sweet late '90s swagger. Love. It.

4. The Slow Reveal

Kevin Richardson will likely not be on hand to do this move himself, so Carter is going to have to take the reigns and play the part of more than one monster.

5. The Up & At 'Em

Not only is this a combination of some truly on fleek moves, that bend looks like a great way to improve your flexibility.

6. The Wave Your Hands Around Like You Just Don't Care

Although I'm noting the part of this GIF where Carter waves his hands around with the upmost confidence, he should also do every other move included above. Brian Littrell's backflip is a must.

7. The Scream Heard By Boy Bands 'Round The World

No, this isn't an actual dance move — but it was one of the most memorable moments from the music video. In keeping with the spirit of Halloween and said video, this moment should definitely be replicated in some way. Also, can we talk about how McLean's mouth contorted in about 10,000 different directions? Brilliant!

Bonus: Whatever On Earth This Is

I know it's not part of the choreography from "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)," but I just desperately want to see this happen. I'm literally entranced by this GIF right now.

On that note, my excitement over Monday's episode of DWTS has officially reached a fervor. Excuse me while I pass the time leading up to said episode by binge-listening to Backstreet Boys' entire debut album.

Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC; Giphy (8)