Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff Are Going On A World Tour, So Every 'Fresh Prince' Fan Needs To Get A Ticket

Whether you were a fan of Will Smith as a rapper, or a fan of Will Smith as an actor, it was impossible to get this far in life without knowing about his longtime friendship and partnership with DJ Jazzy Jaff. DJ Jazzy Jeff, whose real name was Jeffrey Allen Townes, was better known to fans of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as Will's dimwitted but usually well-meaning sidekick Jazz, whose crush on Will's cousin Hilary Banks and frequent altercations with Will's uncle Phil Banks were two amazing sources of reoccurring humor on the show. While discussing his recent music career, the man formerly known as Fresh Prince revealed that Smith and Jazz are going on a World Tour in 2016, if all goes to plan. Currently, the plan is set at "pretty certain" to happen, and will take place next summer, because there's a lot more new music from Will Smith on the way.

Don't get me wrong. I know that DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince have been making beautiful music together since even before The Fresh Prince aired a single episode. That's where their colorful monikers on the show came from to begin with, and numerous references to their music careers and songs were sprinkled throughout the seasons as a winking aside to fans. But how is a Fresh Prince fan supposed to resist getting excited when this year has brought us the news that a Fresh Prince remake is on the horizon and that Will and Jazz could be going on tour together very soon? It's literally like the '90s are happening all over again.

So, in honor of the potential world tour coming our way, it's time to take a look back at some of the best Will and Jazz moments to come out of the show, because we're going to see the pair reunited very, very soon.

1. Jazz's First Entrance

Brasserie on YouTube

And, in that moment, we knew that this show was going everywhere awesome. Even if you weren't already a fan of the hip-hop duo prior to Jazz walking through the door, he immediately added some color to the show that even Will couldn't achieve alone.

2. Their Musical Collaboration

André Capitzky on YouTube

The combination of Jazz's drumming with Will's dancing (do you call that dancing?) makes this one of the most iconic moments in Fresh Prince history. The fact that Will is wearing neon everything at the time really just cinches it.

3. Their Infamous Handshake

Jibb's Compilations on YouTube

It has been actual years since this show was on the air, and I still can't do this simple handshake properly. However, they sure knew how to make it look cool.

4. Their Lover's Spat

Gemma Mayes on YouTube

I hope that Jazz and Will don't have actual fights with their girlfriends like this one, because Will claiming he doesn't take Jazz out because he doesn't fix himself up a little would just be cold.

5. Every Time Jazz Gets Thrown Out

demetrrius3000 on YouTube

An important component of every Fresh Prince drinking game, especially since they usually use the same clip for it. You can always tell when Jazz is going to get thrown out in an episode, because he'll be wearing the same outfit.

6. And That One Time He Threw Uncle Phil Out

nodjitripleog on YouTube

OK, so this happened in a dream sequence that Will was having, but still. For once, Jazz comes out on top.

7. That Time He Married A Convict

J Rodriguez on YouTube

In the greatest wedding ever. I'm still upset that the two of them didn't work out, because they were actually a really cute couple with similar tastes. Ah, well.

If the fact that Smith and Jazz are going on a tour (maybe) isn't enough to convince you to start rewatching old episodes of Fresh Prince, then I don't know what more you need.

Image: Warner Bros. Television Distribution