7 Ways To Dress Like A Single Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy is undoubtedly a pop culture icon, so when it was first announced that Miss Piggy and Kermit broke up in Aug. 2015, it was devastating news for many. With that in mind, I say, why not dress up in a single Miss Piggy Halloween costume? Even though loads of humans took the breakup especially hard and blamed the other pig in the picture Denise for the transpired events, many others have grown to see Miss Piggy no longer being linked to her long-time beau Kermit as a totally good thing.

Miss Piggy has never been shy about talking about her relationship with Kermit, and she's also been pretty vocal about her independence. She even received a feminism award from the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art this year. While breakups are hard for anyone, I don't see Miss Piggy struggling to move on without Kermit. She's been a staple of NYFW, a judge on Project Runway , and even had her own line with MAC Cosmetics. I would say Miss Piggy has always shined just fine on her own, and will continue to do so.

If you had already started planning your Miss Piggy and Kermit Halloween costumes before the news broke, now is probably a good time to re-think that plan. A single Miss Piggy Halloween costume, however, would still give you glamour, grace, and a lot of selfie material. There are quite a few famously single and sometimes scorned women for Miss Piggy to take note from, after all. But first, you'll need some Miss Piggy basics.

The basic Miss Piggy components that you need for your costume are pretty simple: Pig nose, pig ears (which you can actually make yourself), a blonde wig, and very intense fake eyelashes.

Pig Nose, $5, A mazon

The Muppets Adult Miss Piggy Wig, $20, Amazon

Vegas Nay Grand Glamour Lashes, $8, U lta

Next, choose your single strong woman of choice to embody.

1. "Single Ladies" Miss Piggy

Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kermit technically did put on a ring on it in the 2014 Muppets Most Wanted film, but it remains unclear whether or not this Miss Piggy/Kermit The Frog breakup is a separation or a divorce. Either way, Miss Piggy is a single lady in 2015, so what better than doing a take on Beyoncé's 2008 "Single Ladies" music video look?

Tease that blonde wig, substitute the queen's signature Lorraine Schwartz priceless robo glove with something more simple (like leather studded gloves), and step into a super sexy black bodysuit before tirelessly trying to nail that choreography in Mary Jane style pumps.

Faux Leather Studded Gloves, $22.50, torrid

Crystal Cut-Out Bodysuit, $48, monifc

ASOS Body With V Neck, Love Sleeve, And Thong, $33, asos

Shelby Mary Jane Pumps, $60, JCPenney

2. First Wives Club Miss Piggy

I've never been married, but I sure can belt out Lesley Gore's "You Don't Own Me" just like Bette Midler, Diane Keaton, and Goldie Hawn in the final scene of the 1996 classic First Wives Club. This film follows three former college friends who reconnect to seek revenge on their husbands who left them for younger women. Spoiler alert: The best thing that comes out of it is the friendship and independence they gain in the process.

I could totally see Miss Piggy fitting right in with this plot. Plus, this is a perfect excuse to break fashion rules by wearing white after Labor Day.

Cape Peplum Blouse, $161, zbyzevarra

High Waisted Basic Skirt, $54, zbyzevarra

Tahari ASL Embellished Dress Suit, $75, macys

3. Coco Chanel Miss Piggy

When I began researching famously single women, Coco Chanel was right at the top of most lists. This look is easy to recreate for a single Miss Piggy, since she's already worn a Chanel-esque garment in the 2011 film The Muppets.

Trade Piggy's signature wavy locks for a blonde bob, find a tweed plaid suit, and pair it all with a multi-strand pearl necklace. To recreate this exact scene (and ruin your appetite for Halloween candy), bring along some frosted doughnuts, too.

Tahari ASL Plaid Tweed Skirt Suit, $99, dillards

Kim Rogers White Glass Pearl Multistrand Necklace, $31, belk

Charm Premium Sunny Blonde Bob Wig, $30, party city

4. Kill Bill Miss Piggy

I don't know about you, but I can totally see Miss Piggy going all Kill Bill if Kermit had tried to murder her on their wedding day. We already know she's more of a fighter than a lover, so she's totally badass enough to pull off this look. It's probably difficult to recreate the ensemble using regular, non-costume clothing. However, there are plenty of Kill Bill costumes available on the Interweb (including one sold in sizes S through XXXL).

Nawty Fox Yellow Kill Bill Unitard, $39, Amazon

5. "Before He Cheats" Miss Piggy

Even though Kermit insisted that he and Denise were just friends, we've all heard that song and dance before. If the affair did end up being true, we could count on Miss Piggy going all Carrie Underwood in the 2005 "Before He Cheats" video. Underwood's look lends itself to Piggy's appearance already, so grab an oversized pair of shades, a leather jacket, and, of course, a baseball bat just for the effect.

Quay Australia Lana Cat Eye Sunglasses, $54, asos

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Mollie Leather Look Biker Jacket, $60, boohoo

Louisville Grand Slam Ash Wood Baseball Bat, $20, baseball express

6. Waiting To Exhale Miss Piggy

I'm pretty sure the scene in Waiting To Exhale where Angela Bassett's character lights her husband's car on fire for cheating on her is universally known as a symbol for scorned women you best not mess with. When news of Miss Piggy's breakup broke, I even saw memes of Miss Piggy in this scene. A silky white robe and some black lace lingerie would do the trick. Just don't actually light anything on fire.

Women's Bridal Robe, $25, target

Sparkling Rhinestones And Eyelash Lace Lined Corset, $72, hips and curves

Loveliest Lining Full Slip In Noir, $25, modcloth

7. Samantha Jones Miss Piggy

Sure, Samantha Jones of Sex And The City wasn't always single, but she sure was a symbol of sexual freedom and autonomy for women. Now that Miss Piggy is back on the market, who's to say she can't put herself out there? Jones' on-screen style was bold, full of color, and often glamorous. It even inspired the now sold-out Sam Jones Powersuit tee.

Sex up this hot pink power suit by wearing just a bra underneath. When in doubt, add a bold striped hat and oversized '80s style button studs to complete this in-your-face look.

Kasper Gold Plus Size Three-Button Skirt Suit, $100, macys

VLabel Adelaide Jumpsuit, $40, asos

Women's Striped Floppy Hat, $15, target

Big Sweet Earrings-Pink, $3.50,

There are so many powerful single women in this world, and Miss Piggy is sure to look stunning when emulating them all.

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