Will Eddie Thawne Be On 'The Flash' Season 2? Thanks To Time Travel, It's Possible

After an almost unbearably long summer, The Flash Season 2 premieres on Tuesday night and I could not be more excited. However, when we find ourselves back in Central City, it'll be down one detective. At the end of Season 1, Eddie Thawne killed himself — in order to save the world, you know — and now the big question is if Eddie will be on The Flash when it returns. Unfortunately, as of right now, things don't look very good for him.

If you need a quick Eddie refresher as to why we may not see him back, here we go: he shot himself so the Thawne family name couldn't continue on, and subsequently erased Eobard Thawne from the future, preventing his destruction of Central City. It was a brave and bold move, and for Eddie at the time, it felt like the only option. Eobard (aka Reverse-Flash) most certainly had the upper hand in his fight with Barry Allen and was on the verge of killing everyone Eddie cares about.

Eobard happened to mention to Eddie that they were distant relatives, and since Eddie is (was?) one smart guy, he figured out that without him, there is no Eobard. The gunshot rang out in the episode, everyone freaked out as to who had just been shot, and it turned out to be Eddie.

However — and this is a huge however — when Eddie killed himself, he created a paradox. Because, space time travel. Eobard was already here from the future, had gone back in time, and altered history, so things started getting a little weird. The singularity opened up over Central City and Barry was forced to once again run as fast as he can to stop it.

This singularity also created another timeline, or another dimension, or an alternate reality, whatever The Flash wants to call it. We already knew that other timelines exist, because in one of them, Wells killed Cisco. And we know that more of these timelines are coming, because Cisco is going to be Vibe and can see through these timelines. The show is setting up for different dimensions, and hopefully, Eddie is still alive in one of them.

As for Eddie's return right away in Season 2, don't hold your breath. He's not listed as a cast member and can currently be seen on ABC's Quantico.

Grant Gustin also said that Cosnett was truly leaving the show at Comic-Con earlier this year, as reported by Screen Rant, but added that there is always room for him to return. "They said when Rick Cosnett was leaving the show, just for personal reasons, there’ll be ways to bring him back. Obviously it’s true," Gustin said. "There’s time travel in the show. But yeah, we have a multiverse on the show that anyone who has died can still be on the show."

It's true. With time travel, The Flash can bring back anyone, and that includes Eddie (as well as Nora and the real Harrison Wells). So for now, we're just going to have to sit back and wait for one of these different realities to present themselves to Barry, hopefully in the second season of The Flash.

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