The 5 Trendiest Stars On IG Are Also Most-Followed

It's Instagram fifth birthday, and in just half a decade the social media site has become a platform for the trendiest celebs to show off their killer #OOTDs. It's no surprise that the five most followed women on Instagram also happen to be the most stylish. Because if there's anything better than seeing celebrity style on the red carpet, it's getting a behind-the-scenes look at their day-to-day lives (and outfits) through their personal social media accounts.

Can you believe that Instagram has only been around for five years? I can't even begin to imagine life without Kim Kardashian's selfies, countless bloggers' outfits of the day, and the #EvaChenPose. Although the most followed women on Instagram are all talented and ultra-famous, something tells me that they have their incredible outfits to thank for some of their followers.

Not so long ago Taylor Swift surpassed Kardashian for most followers, landing both of them on top with three other powerful women — Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez. What do all these women have in common? They're fierce, fabulous, and fashionable. If these ladies start hanging out on the regular it will be ultimate #SquadGoals.

Check out their most stylish snaps on Insta and you'll see exactly how they rose to become the sartorial cream of the Insta crop.

5. Ariana Grande, 44.7 Million

The high-ponytail loving star is the fifth most followed person on Instagram, and it's clear to see why. She's always posting videos to her followers and keeping it completely real when it comes to her personal life. Her fabulous fashion and beauty looks don't hurt either.

Her natural hair even got her 1.5 million likes.

4. Selena Gomes, 45.9 Million

Honestly, there's nothing I love more than seeing behind-the-scenes and off-duty photos of Gomez. Her street style looks are just as great as her high-fashion covers, and her body positivity makes her the ultimate role model.

She can also rock a bold cat-eye like no other.

3. Beyoncé, 47.2 Million

Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without Queen Bey. She's fierce and her family is equally as fabulous, landing her at the number three spot on this list — at least until Blue Ivy gets her own 'gram.

Five fierce Beys all in a row.

2. Kim Kardashian, 48.1 Million

I was surprised to see that Kim K was the only one of the Kardashian-Jenner clan to make the list. This social media queen rose to Insta fame through her selfies, but her stylish outfits and adorable family also don't hurt.

The next most followed of her relatives is Kylie Jenner with 38.2 million — still ten million behind her big sis.

1. Taylor Swift, 49.6 Million

She can rock a fan-knitted sweater like no other and pretty much defined #SquadGoals, but she can also add most followed to her resumé. There's no denying that her 1989 tour helped her land followers, but I would argue that her style also helped catapult her to the top.

The power of Swift's signature separates is real.

Bonus: Most Liked Photo On IG

Jenner's heart hair might not have been enough to beat out Swift, but it is the most-liked picture on the platform with 3.1 million likes. She proves that a good hair day can do wonders for your Instagram presence!

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