The Perfect Couples' Kimye Costume For Halloween

I know, as do you, that people have gone as Kim and Kanye for Halloween since the beginning of their coupledom, but that's only because it doesn't get old. Like, ever. Each year, in their own special way, Kardashian and West make a statement that shoots them right to the top of the tabloid fodder column, and often times, it has to do with something as simple as the way they dress. It makes sense, really, since the rapper is now a bonafide clothing designer and all. Coupled with the fact that they both, sometimes, make really adventurous fashion decisions. But for my money, a Kim & Kanye "Bound 2" couples costume is the way to go.

In addition to their clothing choices, Kimye is a costume made up of a certain type of demeanor. For instance, West's frown is as much of the costume as Kardashian's fashiony-come-at-me-paparazzo stare is. I should note, that if you're not going as the expectant parents version, the Kanye frown should still be ever-present. It's important, guys. If you want to truly commit to being this iconic pair, I'd even wrangle two or three other less costume enthused friends and have them carry around their iPhones, snapping pictures, and heckling you as some rogue paparazzi. It's all in the details.

But, to make things easier on yourself and to make sure people really get who you're going as, considering they're actually just two real live people and not characters, I'd chose a more notable, iconic costume. Hence, my recommendation to start with the pair's appearance in West's "Bound 2" music video.

Here's how to get the look:


I don't expect you to go shirtless, but a black bandeau with "CENSORED" written across it in white fabric paint would work just fine.

Exhibit A

You can get this bandeau top from H&M for $3. You are so welcome.

Exhibit B

Michael's sells this white fabric paint for $1.49. I know I'm brilliant. Moving on.


You can get these comparable high waisted light wash jean shorts from Forever 21 for $19.90.


Her shoes are only identifiable via a shadowy silhouette, so if you want to rock black boots to honor that, go right ahead. These mid-ankle booties from Forever 21 look very similar. They're $39.90, and super cute. You can definitely wear them again.


To get Kim's lighter locks, you can get this wig at Party City for $39.99. But, if you want to save yourself some money, you can buy this blonde hair spray for $2.24 at Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

Kanye's Turn: Shirt

You can get this shirt from The Adair Group for $4.89. And, if you want to rip some holes in it to make it more Kanye-thentic, then go for it. Also, if you want to be as Kanye-thentic as possible, you can buy this fabric spray paint from Michael's for $14.99 and paint on the red and orangey circles he has in the middle of his tee.

I wouldn't stress too hard over the pants, dark jeans will do. What I would focus on, is the major identifiers.

Exhibit C: The Motorcycle

Yes, that is a kid's ride-on motorcycle. Why? Well, you can carry this, you can take ridiculous pictures on it, and it's inexpensive. Do it. It's available online at Target for $27.99 and since it's a group costume, you can go splitsies on it. Just, don't get on it at the same time. That could be bad.

If you're not as adventurous, you can just buy a toy model motorcycle, like this one, for $9.99 from Toys R Us. Carry it around. Boom. You did it.

Exhibit D: The "BOUND2" License Plates

Now, I'm sure you could find one of those cheesy personalized license plate kits at a few stores, but why waste your money? Take a good ol' screenshot, print it out, and stick it in between two self-adhesive laminating sheets, like the ones pictured below from Walmart, they're $8.65. And, finally, fasten the left and right side to the back of your jeans with two safety pins. Voila!

Now, your Kimye look is complete. And inexpensive. You're right. I am a genius.

Images: Giphy; KanyeWestVEVO/YouTube; Walmart; Forever21; Toys R Us; Target; Michael's; The Adair Group; H&M