Funny Kimye Halloween Costume Ideas

If there's one thing I love about Kimye (and gosh, there's so much to love), it's that they have a sense of humor. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West don't take themselves too seriously, and that's really great. For example, they laughed when James Franco and Seth Rogen made their own "Bound 2" video. No, seriously! Kanye laughed. The same man known for his crazy ego has a sense of humor. So why not combine the couple's sense of humor into your Halloween costume? We've already told you how to recreate five classic Kimye looks, but so let's try out a funny costume.

Sure, there are the elegant costume ideas (wearing red-carpet worthy outfits), but those are a bit boring. Who wants to yawn on Halloween? So instead, play up their personalities. Think of it as a caricature, if you will. This means that as Kim K, you'll have to walk around with your iPhone permanently glued to your hand. Take so many selfies that you could publish a book! And if you're Kanye, you should have the biggest ego imaginable. You know you're the greatest person alive, so everyone else should know it too.

Here are some LOL-worthy ways to be Kim and Yeezus:

Kanye's shirts

Like I mentioned, Kayne has quite the ego. Embrace it! Here are three options. My personal fave is the "I love you like Kanye loves Kanye" t-shirt, because it's available in a variety of colors. But the "This Guy Loves Kanye" and fish fillet ones are equally appropriate.

Signature Shades

I'm glad that when I typed "Kanye sunglasses," Google knew exactly what I meant. That proves these really embody Kanye's style. While there are plenty of options, this light-up pair seems best. Oh, and they're only $4! BARGAIN. Pair them with the shirts above and you'll be all set.

Compass Couture

If you really feel like getting directional, embrace the fam's compass-like names. Too bad Kim's name isn't East or South. But for your Kanye, he can just wear a shirt that says West. Then get a lil baby doll, who can wear a matching "North" shirt. (Get it? It's punny.) Just find a compass image (like these ones from clip art) and trace it onto a tee! This wouldn't be the first time they wore matching outfits...

Elephant Ensemble

Personally, I think the best Kim look to recreate is that time she tried to take a selfie with an elephant and it backfired. Wear a black drape-y dress (like this one), then prop a stuffed animal elephant on your shoulder. Hold out your phone as if you're taking a photo of yourself and be sure to sport a horrified expression. Costume complete!

iPhone Game IRL

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, but the game is very progressive and has been earning millions. So why not turn the super-popular app into a costume? Just wear a white dress with black leggings. Then put on fake lashes, pose with your hands on your hips, and hold a giant cutout phone in front of you — it's easier than it sounds! Grab some cardboard and sketch a huge iPhone (here's a tutorial!). If you're feeling ambitiously artsy, paint the game's logo on it.

Crying Kim

Another meta costume! Just like the Kanye-loving Kanye, this is a crying face Kim costume. You could wear her face on your shirt while making that same face all night. Sure, it's not nice to mock someone whos crying, but even her own sister Kourtney says she can't help but laugh when Kim makes this face. Fun fact: This shirt from Red Bubble is available in a variety of colors and styles. Whether you want a v-neck, tank top, or baseball tee, there are plenty of options.

Omg, these Kimye costumes are so great. I could cry!

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