Adriana Credits Her Glowing Skin To Coconuts

I think by now you may have seen just about every way to use coconut oil, but it's time to try coconut in another form. According to Racked, Adriana Lima's beauty secret is coconuts — but not the oil, the water. I've been so into the oil, I haven't even considered water, so basically mind = blown.

At this point, I'm convinced coconut oil can do just about anything. It can take off your makeup, repair damaged hair, act as a lip balm, the list is endless (seriously, I kind of just want to rub some on my crappy computer and wait for it's magical powers to fix it), but Lima is going to have you wanting to branch out from your devotion to the oil a little. The Victoria's Secret angel told The Cut, "If you have a tough day and want to treat yourself, you can soak your skin with cotton pads and ice-cold coconut water. I prefer natural coconut water." Apparently, the coconut water calms her face and helps give her that glowing skin she's so famous for. This is a DIY I'm definitely going to give a try.

But she doesn't just put coconut water on her skin, she also drinks a lot of it, because beauty starts from the inside, y'all.

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Want to try her beauty treatment? It's literally as easy as buying a bottle of water.

And bonus points if you get all natural. (Harvest Bay Coconut Water; $1.69;

In case you forgot, here's a refresher on some of the other amazing things coconut can do (in any of its forms).

Act As A Deodorant

Coconut oil won't help you sweat any less, but it will control odor. (Coconut Oi; $7.08;

Relieve Sunburn

Spent too much time in the sun? There's an oil for that. (Spoiler: It's coconut).

Moisturize Your Skin

Coconut milk has natural antiseptic abilities and moisturizing qualities that will make your skin look amaze. (Coconut Milk; $2.48;

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