Roxanne Ford Can Take Lucious Down On 'Empire'

Lucious Lyon has plenty of enemies on Empire, but his most important and perhaps fiercest at the moment is Roxanne Ford. Who is Roxanne Ford, you ask? Well, she’s the new prosecutor assigned to the Bunkie Williams’ murder case, and she’s looking for any excuse to nail Lucious’ butt to the wall and get him convicted for murder. She’s tried to get Lucious to plead guilty, even withholding his myasthenia gravis medication as a way to make him confess. So far, Lucious is holding strong, dodging all of Roxanne’s tricks to keep him in jail for this rest of his life. She hasn't succeeded yet, but I suppose we have all of Empire Season 2 to see what else this prosecutor has in store.

Roxanne is played by actress Tyra Ferrell, who has starred in films such as White Men Can’t Jump, Boyz n the Hood, and Poetic Justice. She’s also had roles in shows like E.R., The Shield, Law & Order: SVU, Early Edition, and The Cape. I just hope that Ferrell’s experience in those dramatic roles has prepared her for the shenanigans that happen on the reg on Empire. You know Lucious won't go down without a fight. Here’s why Roxanne is going to make Lucious’ life a living hell.

Roxanne Is Tough

You have to be a pretty unflappable person to be a prosecutor and deal with criminals like Lucious Lyon on a daily basis. Lucious’ insults and subtle threats that he makes to Roxanne are not at all going to affect her. She’s not going to drop the case because he called her some names, you know?

Roxanne Fights Dirty

In the Season 2 premiere, Roxanne basically pretended not to be herself in order to get Lucious to plead guilty and take a deal. Unfortunately for her, no one pulls the wool over Lucious’ eyes, because he knew exactly who she was and what she wanted. Next, Roxanne withheld Lucious’ medication to get him to confess. This lady will stop at nothing — and I mean nothing — to get Lucious’ head served up on a silver platter.

Roxanne Has The System On Her Side

I know that he has infinite resources (money-wise, at least), but Lucious can still only do so much when held behind bars. Though he’s had some luck with staying his trial and getting bail (the blackmail photographs he had of the judge certainly helped), I think that if Lucious goes back to prison, Roxanne will totally have the upper hand. She knows all the tricks and tribulations of the system, and Lucious does not have Cookie to go down for his crimes this time.

I don’t care how Roxanne takes down Lucious, as long as she does it soon. I love Empire so much more when Lucious is barely in control of the business. Viva la Cookie!

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