Ben Is Still A 'Finding Carter' Mystery

For the first time ever — even though it pains me to say it — I might have to side with Crash on this one. Now, I don't believe that Ben is a bad guy on Finding Carter, but there's something about a bag of money that spells trouble on this show. On the Finding Carter Season 2B premiere, Ben returned to the series after being introduced in the courtroom during Lori's trial in the Season 2A finale and he brought his mysterious past with him. If you thought you were alone in not being able to figure out Ben, trust me, you aren't alone. And it seems like it's going to take awhile for fans to find out if we can trust him or not — I mean, it's not like we haven't been burned before.

On Tuesday night's premiere, Lori and Ben surprised Carter at school when they just up and decided to move into the Wilsons' school district after Lori was released. Oh, right, LORI WAS RELEASED — what a time to be alive. But, back to Ben here — naturally, Carter decided that she's going to get to know her long, lost brother whether he's interested or not. Can we just take a second to acknowledge the fact that Carter has never, EVER had an interest in getting to know new people? It took her the entirety of Season 1 to warm up to the Wilsons and stop believing in Lori's web of lies. However, fans of this show also know that Carter can't help but pass up an opportunity to get to know a guy with a troubled past and potentially troubled present — that is how CarCrash started (and continues to go strong), after all.

Here's the thing, I really want to give Ben the benefit of the doubt — and it's not just because Ben Winchell, who plays Finding Carter's new bad boy, told Bustle that fans really need to give Ben a chance to open up. Sure, he had Carter drive him to a house that obviously wasn't his where he grabbed a "bag of laundry" aka money and he knows how to make fake IDs, but that doesn't mean we know anything about Ben just yet. He obviously hasn't had the easiest life so far, from what he told Carter about his foster family past, so maybe this is all just a misunderstanding?

I know, there's really no misunderstanding a bag of money that he's clearly hiding. And, yes, Finding Carter fans have been burned before — and will never forget when Crash shot Max — but, maybe we can trust Ben. The money is a red flag, but we really don't know anything about him and, if Carter wants to get to know him, I honestly do too before I start thinking he's in on whatever game Lori might be trying to play.

Image: MTV