Who Is Jason Dohring On 'The Originals'?

Wonderful news Veronica Mars fans! The incomparable Logan Echols will be returning to our TV screens oh-so-soon. Well, not Logan exactly (still no new season of Veronica Mars) but the next best thing! Jason Dohring is appearing on The Originals Season 3. It has been far too long since he has been steaming up the small screen, and I am crazy excited for this new development. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dohring will "play Detective Will Kinney, who is described as smart and confident with a very clear sense of right and wrong, who is out to bring the forces of evil to justice. And while Kinney doesn't know exactly what's going on in New Orleans, he has a strong suspicion that something strange is happening beneath the surface of the city."

A real life human detective? Sign me up! Currently he is only slated as a recurring character, which at the very beginning is fine. I'll take what I can get. But I think we all know that only having him on the show for a limited time will not be enough. We need more Dohring, and we need it now. I have devised the five best ways he can become a main character, and stay on the show forever. So listen up, CW!

Become A Vampire

Look, this might be a little obvious but much like Mystic Falls a lot of people die in New Orleans. Humans especially kick the bucket, and I don't want this for Det. Kinney! Make him a vampire, so he can live forever on the show. Mortality problem = solved.

Actually Run The Town

They are painfully short on humans, so maybe the show should leave him be but give him some real power. Everyone has been so focused on the vampires, witches, and werewolves that the humans have become an after thought. Maybe he could change that.

Get Witch Protection

As you can tell, I am very worried about them killing him off. If he gets Davina or another witch on his side, he would be protected from the supernatural. Rebekah is still a witch, I bet she could help.

Date Around

OK, this is selfish of me because I am so ready to see Dohring as a love interest again. His main options are Rebekah (who has a whole thing with Marcel), Hayley (who is already in a love triangle), and Cami (and it looks like that may happen). The faster we get this man in a LTR, the longer he is on the show.

Just Be Himself

That's really all he needs. He's got looks, charm, and charisma. It shouldn't take much more then a juicy plotline to keep him on the full time. Welcome back Dohring, we missed you.

Images: Quantrell Colbert/CW (3); giphy (3)