8 Times Klaus Mikaelson From 'The Originals' Was Unexpectedly Relatable

Klaus gets a seriously bad rap on The Originals. Sure, he lies as often as he tells the truth and has a penchant for ripping out hearts (literally) — not to mention keeping his siblings daggered for centuries just because they disagreed with him — but underneath all of those snarls and grandiose speeches about his evil nature, Klaus is actually kind of awesome. With an unstable witch for a mother and a father who has spent the last thousand years hell bent on killing him, all of his (questionable) decisions are still made to protect his family.

He's loyal and tough, has a hot accent and, let's be real here, isn't bad to look at even when he is rocking some of that flashback hair. Is it any wonder Klaus has inspired a fandom that crosses series? His siblings rack up most of the good credit and yeah, they deserve it because all of the Michaelsons are pretty fierce: Elijah's the honorable one, Rebekah has all of the sass and heart, Kol is charming as all get out, Finn can follow orders and Freya... well, I'm not sure what her deal is yet. But out of all of the siblings in New Orleans, Klaus is the most relatable.

Always prepared with a witty comeback or a threat for any possible situation, Klaus just says what we are all thinking. So, let's take a moment and appreciate all of the times when Klaus Michaelson was actually the most relatable person on this show.

8. When He Was Really Excited About Life

OK, to be fair he's usually only this excited about life when he's about to go attack a witch coven or kill a pack of werewolves, but we've all been there, right? This face is all of us at 5 p.m. on a Friday.

7. When He Was Honest About His Needs

Klaus is always so clear about what he needs from every situation. Whether it's a rare moonstone, sacrificial blood, or an army of hybrids Klaus, will straight up tell you what he wants then go out there and get it. I can barely get it together to ask for more bread at dinner unless I'm channeling Klaus.

6. When He Was A Hopeless Romantic

Oh man, has there ever been a more perfectly mismatched pair? Klaus is all of us when we are crushing so hard on someone so different, except Klaus has better moves. Side note: More Klaroline on Originals, please!

5. When He Had The Perfect Pickup Line

Speaking of being a lady killer (pun very much intended) — this guy has the moves to aspire to. I'd let him in. You'd let him in. We would all let him in. Use my phone anytime you want, Klaus.

4. When He Brought The Sass

Rebekah isn't the only Original with jokes. When he's not brooding and calculating, Klaus is spitting amazing one liners that are just so true. You only wish you could come up with zingers this fast. His humor and charm balance out his ruthlessness and make him... strangely human.

3. When He Went Through An Awkward Phase

Because let's be real: This flashback-Klaus look is basically all of our awkward high school photos.

2. When He Gave Fair Warning

His threats are on a whole other level, mostly because he always backs them up. If he is ordering a hit, exiling an entire group of vampires or plotting a new scheme to take over New Orleans, Klaus always prefaces it with a fierce, baller threat. Want to have the perfect threat next time someone messes with you? Just take a page out of Klaus' book, but maybe don't threaten bodily harm. That's how you get fired.

1. When He Brought The Real Talk

Klaus' is a little dark, a little depressing, and an entirely bleak worldview. I guess being around for centuries doesn't actually make you that different from everyone else because we've all been there after a breakup. Being cheerful and optimistic is a all good and fine, but sometimes you just want to tell it like it is, Klaus style.

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