Taylor Swift Has New Music For You... Kind Of

When it comes to good pop music, Taylor Swift is totally at the top of her game. I don't know that I played any album as much as I did 1989 this year, and that's because it was amazing from start to finish. Every single song on the album is so perfectly constructed and executed that basically everyone — even people who would say that they never used to like Taylor Swift — totally fell in love. However, Swift doesn't just make good music herself, she's also got a keen eye for others who are killing it in song and likes to share that with her fans. That was certainly the case on Tuesday night, when she shared a playlist of some of her favorite new music via her social media pages, thereby immediately giving us all a lot of great songs to listen to and fall in love with.

I consider myself pretty up on what's new and good in terms of music, but admittedly I hadn't actually heard a good half of Swift's playlist. Thankfully, I have now, and I'm loving every second of it. The new, cooler weather is perfect time to discover some songs to serve as the soundtrack, so this couldn't have come at a better time.

The great thing about Swift's playlist in particular is that she's repping so many new and artists that are relatively unknown to wider audiences but deserve more exposure. I've been a fan of Alessia Cara since hearing "Here" earlier this summer, but admittedly I hadn't dived deeper into her EP just yet. I loved Erik Hassle's cover of Robyn's "Be Mine" with Ellie Goulding a few years ago, but never checked out his later releases... until now. Most of the other names on the list were completely new to me, but now they're not anymore, and I've got whole catalogs of music I've never heard ahead of me to explore. That's likely the case for Swift's millions of fans around the world — talk about good exposure!

Swift might be a mainstream pop star, but from the looks of this playlist, her personal tastes tend to veer more towards indie artists, which is awesome. It also gives her fans more of an insight to the artists that inspire her own sound and what she's listening to in her downtime. If you go back and listen to 1989 now, you might even be able to hear it.

If you want to listen to Swift's playlist yourself, you're in luck — I've put together a handy dandy Spotify playlist just for you. Enjoy!