Amy Schumer From 'Trainwreck' Halloween Ideas

Every year, I approach Halloween season with elaborate goals and costume ideas. And every year life catches up to me and I end up scrounging something together last minute because I didn't plan well. Thus, this will be a Halloween shopping guide for the lazy. And who better to celebrate comfort and cutting corners with than our beloved Amy Schumer? If you're out of Halloween ideas (or haven't started thinking about Halloween ideas), consider these Amy Schumer from Trainwreck Halloween costume ideas.

A costume doesn't have to be super expensive or elaborate to be great; it just has to capture the essence of the character. Luckily for us, the ever-enigmatic Amy Schumer has a number of different essences in Tranwreck and therefore we have options here. We love options.

I am tempted to even go so far as to construct a "Which Amy Schumer from Tranwreck should you be this Halloween" quiz but that's just a little too involved so instead, you'll have to make do with regular ole' paragraphs about the many shades of Amy Schumer in Trainwreck. Good luck and let the Halloween odds be ever in your favor.

Walk of Shame Amy

If Walk of Shame Amy (or walk of Shamy, for the lazy) is your intended target for your Halloween inspiration, there are a few key things you'll need. First you'll need an itty bitty gold skirt like this Mark + James by Badgley Mischka mini to get you ready for your Hallow's Eve walk of shame (or Stride of Pride).

Next you'll need a flowy red top, preferably in that one flowy fabric that all basic b*tch shirts are made out of. You know what I'm talking about here. Finding a cute red top like the one below from Rotita will probably be the easiest step in this mission.

Finally, the time has come to don a pair of sexy strappy heels that hurt so badly you'll be carrying them within the hour. For true authenticity, carry around a half-finished bottle of cheap champagne with you to truly flaunt your 'hot mess' aesthetic.

Throw on a smudgey, messy smokey eye and your inappropriate package is complete.

Knicks City Dancer Amy

If your Halloween aim is to be the most hilarious version of Amy a.k.a. the Knicks City Dancer Amy, then your mission is simple. Head over to Amazon, put 'Knicks City Dancer costume' in the search bar, and then purchase this costume for the reasonable price of somewhere in the range of $17.63 - $70.00.

Throw on your ratty white Chucks or Keds, watch a few videos of hip hop choreography on YouTube, and prepare to humiliate yourself when you try to emulate them whilst blackout drunk. You know it's going to happen so you might as well just lean into it.

One Night Stand Amy

When it comes to men, Amy Schumer doesn't mess around. Or, well, I guess she actually does mess around with men and that's why I love her (and why I love the concept of One Night Stand Amy so much). To make matters even better, the costume is pretty simple. All you need to do is pick up a floral silk robe long enough to be decent but revealing enough to convincingly pull off an 'accidental' nip slip if the moment is right. You can find a myriad of silk floral robes, like this robe from MilkRobe on Etsy, for all your Halloween needs.

I am tempted to side bar here to talk about how annoying it is the silk robes are marketed almost exclusively to brides and bridesmaids but that's a whole other issue so I will demonstrate some rare self-control and leave that one alone.

For your next element of your costume, you have a little room for creativity here. You just need some type of accessory that screams 'IDGAF' and perhaps 'Get out of my apartment so this b*tch can watch Netflix.'

Something like this aggressively wonderful sleep mask from Etsy would be perfect.

Business Casual Amy

This one is easy. Go to J. Crew and buy literally anything.

Add a cardigan (or blazer, depending on your level of chill) and prepare a notecard full of inappropriate comments/jokes about fake sports teams to spit at fellow Halloween party-goers. Done.

First Date Amy

This one is simple and something you can probably pull together from your closet.

Grab a casual top in a subtle print like the shirt above from Madewell. Go to your Pinterest board full of braided hairstyles, and knock yourself out. Carry around a bottle of champagne too because, why not.

Images: Universal Pictures; Movieclips Trailers (4)/YouTube; Lyst; Rotita; Andre Champagne; Leg Avenue/Amazon; MilkRobe, ComfortDecorHouse/Etsy; Madewell