Here's Your Guide To Dressing As Harry Potter

A classic, yet awesome, way to celebrate Halloween is to don a Harry Potter costume. You might already have your pink skirt suit picked out for your Dolores Umbridge costume, but what about if you want to be Harry Potter himself? No worries, I've got a breakdown on how to dress up as the Boy Who Lived.

Harry Potter has a number of distinguishing features. As Ginny Weasley's singing Valentine once reminded us all, "His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad / His hair is as dark as a blackboard." Of course, who can forget Harry's iconic lightning bolt scar or oft-broken glasses? You can always opt to dress in Harry's Quidditch uniform for when he plays Seeker for Gryffindor.

Since Harry attends Hogwarts, you can pull inspiration from the way he and his classmates dress. Long black robes, wand ready at the hand, and some parchment paper — just in case you accidentally cross Professor Snape.

If you want to channel classic Harry Potter, you've come to the right place. From his glasses to his scar to his trusty owl, Hedwig, here's how you can get the wizard's look just in time for Halloween.

1. Black Robes

The wizard is most recognizable in his Hogwarts robes, so you'll definitely want to get one. This Gryffindor Adult Deluxe Robe from the Warner Bros. store will have you ready to duel Malfoy at a moment's notice.

2. Glasses

Harry's glasses are practically iconic, so I recommend these Round Silver Wire Clear Lens Glasses from Hot Topic. (Tape for the bridge not included.)

3. Wand

You don't need to visit Diagon Alley to cast spells like Harry. All you need is the right wand, like this Harry Potter Wand with Ollivanders Wand Box from the Noble Collection.

4. Lightning Bolt Scar

Since Voldemort isn't around to curse you, I'd take an eyeliner to imitate Harry's famous scar. Maybelline's Unstoppable Eyeliner at Walmart should do the trick.

5. Hedwig

What's Harry without his trusty companion, Hedwig? This 8" Snowy Owl from Walmart will be the perfect Halloween buddy.

6. Striped Scarf

Just in case you get cold, you can rock a striped scarf like Harry's. This Hogwarts Beanie Hat & Scarf Set from the Village Hat Shop even comes with a bonus beanie!

7. Broomstick

I know it's not a Nimbus 2000, but this Evercare Corn Broom from Target isn't a bad alternative for us Muggles.

Now you're ready to go head-to-head against He Who Shall Not Be Named.

Images: Warner Bros. (screenshot); Warner Bros. Shop; Hot Topic; Noble Collection; Walmart; Village Hat Shop; Target