What Is "Phone Pinching?" The Hashtag Challenge Has People Risking Smartphone Destruction, So Here Are 6 Better Things To Do With Your Device Instead

There are trends that are lighthearted and fun; there trends that are heartwarming; there are trends that are cool; and then there are trends that are just baffling. In the latter category, we have the phone pinching challenge, a new trend in which people hold their phones by two fingers in extremely precarious situations and post a picture of it on social media under the hashtags #phonepinching and #extremephonepinching. And as trends go, I can think of better things to do with your phone, especially since phone pinching (predictably) sometimes ends in disaster.

The trend was apparently inspired by a video of Twenty-One Pilots band members from the summer that recently went viral. And so now, naturally, everyone wants to prove how brave and daring they are by risking the destruction of their very expensive electronic device that provides them with access to endless information and incredible potential to connect with other people. I really don't mean to shame anyone — if you want to participate in this #ExtremePhonePinching thing, it's your phone and your decision — but I've also never understood really the appeal of risking something just because you can.

But then, maybe I just don't get it. I am no longer a teen, after all, and it's possible the thought of having to pay for a new phone is clouding my assessment. But hey, these things are pricey, so to me, the idea of dropping it is terrifying.

So, if you're similarly perplexed by this phenomenon, here are six other things that you could do with your phone instead that will almost certainly not involve its destruction.

1. Watch A Funny Video

Like say, this one, and contemplate how much more joy your phone can bring you while safely held in your hands than it can while dangling over certain death.

2. Donate To Charity

You can donate to any number of charities just by texting them — like helping flood victms in South Carolina — or, you can use the Internet to donate to hundreds of worthy campaigns. Kickstarter's first ever charity fundraiser is going on right now to help Syrian refugees, for example.

3. Leave It Alone

Leaving your phone alone can be the ultimate test of will power — and there are even ways that doing so can also help charitable causes without you having to spend a dime. But either way, better your phone sit unattended in your pocket than plummet to its death.

4. Spy On Airplanes

Hey, iPhone users, did you know Siri can tell you what airplanes are passing overhead right now? Well, she can.

5. Tell People About All The Other Cool Stuff You Do

Your life is already full of amazing adventures you can boast about on social media. So craft a Facebook status, send a tweet or a Snapchat, take an Instagram picture, post on Tumblr, or update whatever other social media platform you're using — you don't need to to risk your phone in order to impress people.

6. Take A Selfie With It

Either take a selfie using your phone, or — since the phone pinching challenge requires you to have another photograph-taking device on hand anyway — take a selfie of both you and your phone to show it how much you love it. (You'd never dangle it over a cliff face, would you?) Either way, selfies are a trend that will never die out, which is as it should be.

Images: Dakiny/Flickr; Giphy (6)