What Sexting Would Look Like IRL

Sexting can be really great. It can also, however, be really awkward — and as The Daily Dot and two of The Blogologues' co-founders just proved, some things should just never be uttered aloud. In their new video "Sexting in Real Life," Jen Jamula and Davram Stifler show us what the world would be like if we took the things we sext people and communicated them directly to their recipients in real life. It's hilarious — they even came up with a creative way to incorporate the eggplant emoji (hint: it involves an actual eggplant) — but it also makes a solid point about when exactly when you should or shouldn't sext someone.

To be fair, sexting can actually be good for your relationship. Sexting is great foreplay, a fun and safe way to explore your fantasies, and a good way to bond with your significant other by showing each other how comfortable you are with one another and spicing up your routine. So it's no surprise that 54 percent of college students admitted to sexting before they turned 18.

But sexting, like... well, everything else, is only fun if all participants are down for it. This is where the "when" comes in: Without consent, "sexting" quickly turns into harasment. Unsolicited dick pics are pretty much never welcome in digital form — and they're definitely never welcome if they're just casually passed to you from the guy at the next table without warning.

What else happens when you bring your sexts from the screen and into real life? Well, these things, for a start. Scroll down to watch the full video!

1. "What Are You Wearing" Doesn't Make Sense Anymore

Because in real life, you can see what the other person is wearing. And if you're on the receiving end of that, you can't lie and say you're wearing sexy lingerie when you're really just wearing sweats and a tee, on which you just spilled tea.

2. Asking For Pics Doesn't Make Much Sense Either

Unless you want a selfie from right now... while you're looking at me...

3. At Least "Compliments" Still Translate?

And by "compliments," I mean "unsolicited opinions about various pieces of your anatomy."

4. Random Dick Pics Make Even Less Sense

Uh... no. Just no.

5. Dropping A Ton Of Emoji Eggplants In Someone's Lap Just Doesn't Have The Same Effect

And could easily translate to, "We need to use these for dinner before they go bad."

6. And Neither Does Placing A Banana Near Them

Her face says it all.

Check out the full video below to see more IRL sexts in motion:

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