Are These Selena Gomez Songs About Her Lupus Diagnosis? The Singer Bravely Revealed Her Health Struggle In A New Interview

In news that many fans might find shocking, in a recent interview with Billboard Magazine, Selena Gomez bravely spoke about her lupus diagnosis and revealed she went through chemotherapy in an effort to battle the autoimmune condition. The singer revealed that she underwent the treatments in 2014 when she took a break from the industry — but now, it seems that she's ready to talk about it. Hopefully, fans going through similar struggles will be inspired by Gomez's honesty and bravery in the face of the subject. Now, considering that her new album, Revival, is set to drop on Friday, October 9, it's hard not to wonder whether any of Gomez's songs were about her diagnosis. While relationships and love have always been the primary topics of Gomez's pop anthems, her personal journey surely influenced her music as well. It is not known when Gomez was diagnosed with lupus, but the chronic inflammatory disease is incurable — and though it can be managed through treatment, it's a tough one to battle.

Knowing what Gomez has been going through during her absence from the limelight makes her return all the more triumphant, and the response from tabloids about her break all the more disappointing. As Gomez said in her interview: "I wanted so badly to say, ‘You guys have no idea. I’m in chemotherapy. You’re a**holes.' I locked myself away until I was confident and comfortable again." Gomez has been battling for her life and working at the same time, but she still faced criticism and gossip for taking the time she needed to take care of herself. With her new album coming out soon, it's possible Gomez's latest work will touch on the health issues she has been dealing with — and at least a couple of her previous songs could be about her diagnosis as well.

Whether the following songs are about Gomez's battle with lupus or not, they can be a source of strength for anyone dealing with their own health issues.

"Me & The Rhythm"

"Me & the Rhythm" is on Revival , and it sounds very much like the story of someone escaping into music. While Gomez could simply be singing about her love of music, the lyrics hint that work offered her a sense of solace: "The rhythm takes you over/Takes you to a different place/A different space," Gomez sings in the opening of the song. Later she sings, "When I move my body I don't have to talk about none/Let the chemicals do its stuff/'Til the energy is too much."

Music is Gomez's passion, and if "Me & the Rhythm" is any indication, her love of singing and dancing may have helped her focus her energy on taking care of herself while not losing herself. Lupus is a life changing diagnosis, but Gomez seems to be expressing her desire to still "be free" and to live her life on her own terms in this powerful dance song.

"Falling Down"

While it presents as a breakup song, there are parts of "Falling Down" that hint at Gomez needing her friends to rally around her. This is one of her older songs, but parts of it could very well apply to finding out she has lupus or undergoing chemotherapy. The song's refrain seems the most fitting part: "You, you're falling down, the world starts spinning round/You, you're falling down, now it's not all about/You, you're falling down, and you know I'll be around/You're falling down, falling down."

The need to be there for someone when they are going through a hard time is very real in this song. There's also anger in the lyrics that could be Gomez's way of letting some of her frustrations out. Having to listen to the media speculate about her life for so many years was no doubt a frustrating experience.

"Tell Me Something I Don't Know"

One of Gomez's best songs, "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" is about her taking down her detractors, but there is so much fight in this song. Even if it is not directly about her diagnosis, the song illustrates Gomez's survivor spirit. She never backs down and her fearless attitude was and is surely indispensable as she deals with living with a chronic disease.

One thing is clear, Gomez's music has more layers than anyone gives her credit for and the release of Revival is only going to show more depth from the young artist.