Will We See Teresa On 'RHONJ' Ever Again?

The final episode of Season 6 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey aired almost a year ago, but that was only the beginning for what must be one of the most trying times ever for cast member Teresa Giudice and her family. Teresa began her much-publicized 15-month prison sentence on January 5, 2015, and we'll actually get to see how she and her loved ones have been coping during the premiere of the Teresa Checks In three-part special Sunday night. Don't get me wrong. I am overjoyed to have the Giudices and Gorgas back on my TV screen. However, this just makes me want to know even more if Teresa will return to RHONJ Season 7 when she gets out of prison.

Bravo has made no official announcement regarding Teresa's fate on RHONJ. Heck, we don't know anything for sure about the Season 7 RHONJ cast, when the next season will air, or if there will even be a Season 7 of the show.

However, there are many positive signs that Teresa will be back on RHONJ as soon as she is able. "An insider" revealed to Us Weekly in August that Teresa will "definitely" be back next season, which has obviously been unconfirmed, but is hope that I'm going to cling to, thank you very much! Andy Cohen also told E! News last month that he's "hoping to get her back in front of the cameras." If there's one person that's able to get Teresa back on RHONJ, it's got to be Andy, right?

But if you ask me, the fact that the Teresa Checks In special exists at all is a good sign that we haven't seen the last of Teresa on ROHNJ just yet. I mean, if you're going to let a camera crew document what is most likely the worst time in your life and broadcast it to millions of people on national TV, you're probably going to be more than OK with signing on for another season of RHONJ, which will inevitably be all about you and your return to the spotlight. How could Teresa resist that? She'll need the distraction from the fact that her husband Joe will be serving a 41-month prison sentence after her release, anyway.

In fact, I just can't imagine RHONJ without Teresa on it, so I'm not even going to entertain that thought. Actually, the only reason I can think of for Teresa not returning to RHONJ is if she and her family get their own Bravo spinoff series a la Manzo'd with Children. You have to admit, Giudice Girls has a nice ring to it.

Let's face it. Teresa is the reality TV queen, and I'm not ready for her to hand over her crown just yet.

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Giphy