'Dash Doll' Stephanie Is Moving On From Colin

The new series on E! network, Dash Dolls, certainly has everyone talking. Between the doll-on-doll conflicts and the relationship drama, the show has people tuning in week to week to relish in the work drama, friend drama, and relationship drama. We are only a couple of episodes in and things have already begun to get kind of deep in the relationships department. One relationship that people felt connected to was that of Stephanie and her troubled boyfriend Colin. Last we saw he was in rehab and her fellow Dash Dolls were setting her up with someone else. So how is Colin doing today?

Well, the answer to that is not easy to find because Colin isn't exactly a star of the show. We can take a peek at his Twitter and Instagram, though and see a little evidence of what may be going on in his life now. Couple that with Stephanie's social media posts and we can put some breadcrumbs together. Looking at Stephanie's Instagram doesn't bode well for them being together at the moment. She basically only posts selfies (inhumanly gorgeous ones, at that). Colin's, on the other hand, has a couple of photos that point to nostalgia about their relationship rather than current updates.

If I had to call it, I would say they are not together and Colin unfortunately is pretty much the same guy that everyone seemed to think Stephanie should stay away from. Take a look at some of the evidence and see if you agree with my completely scientific assessment.

This Is The Last Mention Of Colin On Her Twitter

Stephanie retweeted a fan who wrote about not leaving someone you truly love when they are at their lowest. Sweet sentiment and totally true, but after that....there's nothing. No encouraging words or mentions of him at all. Hmm.

Colin Doesn't Seem To Be Embracing Change

I mean, we can all read between the lines.

He Wants To Prove Everyone Wrong

Colin seems to have a score to settle or something to prove. He tweets a lot of things like the above posts. Either subtly hinting that things aren't going well or striving to prove he isn't whatever people think he is.

Throwback Thursday Posts, But No Recent

Colin has posted two photos of Stephanie and him but neither of them are recent. Both of them are marked "TBT" and the last recent one was posted 12 weeks ago. Don't judge me for looking too far into this.

Stephanie's Instagram Is Legitimately No Help

Stephanie's Instagram is everything is should. It's all pictures of her face. I am 56 weeks in and there has been maybe five photos of another human. None of those have included Colin. Color me confused. Perhaps there were some there and she deleted them? One can only speculate. Either way, continue Instagramming Stephanie.

We can't really say for sure what Colin's situation is today,but Stephanie seems to be blossoming in her own right. So hopefully these two crazy kids can find some kind happiness.

Images: Dale Berman/E! Entertainment