Selena Gomez Quotes That Prove She's Always Been A Fighter, Even Before Suffering From Lupus

This week, Selena Gomez made a pretty personal confession. Remember when she took a break from her career last year and checked into rehab? She didn't tell us then what she was going through, but she's ready to talk about it now. While she was out of the spotlight, Gomez was actually undergoing chemotherapy for lupus, a disease she may have suffered from in silence for awhile. And although she obviously decided to keep her diagnosis under wraps for awhile and obviously wanted to seek treatment without the prying eye of the public, now, she's finally opening up about how it has affected her life. In an interview with Billboard, Gomez admitted that she was pretty angry about the media speculating that her break was because she was struggling with an addiction. And really, who could blame her?

But even though she's been through a lot because of her illness, it's awesome that Gomez is able to speak about everything she's been through in the past year. But her strength definitely isn't a new thing — she's always been a pretty inspiring person. Even before suffering from lupus, Gomez was always a super strong lady, and these quotes from her recent past will prove it.

On Finding Strength In Heartbreak

I found strength in what hurt me. And in my family — that's my strength as well. I'm truly grateful to be hurt as many times as I have, because I'm happy!

Seventeen, 2009

She's definitely been through enough of that in the past few years — especially with her turbulent relationship with Justin Bieber. But as far as Gomez is concerned, it's only making her a better person.

On Not Caring What Anyone Thinks About Her

I just don’t care about the noise anymore. It drives me crazy. It made me depressed, it made me not want to get out of my house and it made me not want to talk to people and trust people. That’s not how I want to live my life. I had to do a lot of work on myself to say, “If I lost all this tomorrow, I’d be fine. I could open up a coffee shop and do a play every other month.” I need my life to not be dictated by these people that I don’t even know. That, believe it or not, was at the top of my list.

Time, 2015

Gomez must be under a lot of pressure dealing with so many people in her business — and trying to speculate about her career and her personal life. Fortunately, it sounds like she's found a solid way to deal with it.

On Rising Above Haters

I think that it’s very important to understand that if you combat it and don’t give in to it, it will just make you feel so much better. I will have such a heavy conscience if I retaliate all the hate I get. Trust me, I want to, but I do feel like that’s always been the best thing for me, is turning the other cheek.

Just Jared, 2015

If you follow her on Instagram, you've probably seen the comments that haters have left Gomez, and not all of them are nice. But she's right. Giving into the negativity is never a good idea.

On Being Proud Of Her Choices

I have compassion, I have forgiveness, I have understanding, and this is my life — this is how I choose to live it. I’ve never been disappointed in the choices I’ve made, which I’m proud of.

Flare, 2015

And so far, she's made some pretty good ones, or she wouldn't be where she is today.

On Learning Not To Shut The World Out

I need people to hear me, and my best friends are my best friends. It was just easier for me to just deal with it all by myself and open the door and put on a face and go through my day. Now I am able to sit with it and talk it out.

Yahoo! Beauty, 2015

Sometimes, it's easier to be closed off to everyone — who hasn't experienced that feeling? But sometimes, talking it out is what you need, and if you're dealing with the tough stuff, that can take a lot of strength.

On Pushing Herself To Her Limits & Taking Risks

I wanted to be my own person. I wanted to test myself. I wanted to see if I could really do it.

Elle, 2015

And as far as that test goes? I think she passed.

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