How To Throw A 'Harry Potter' Bachelorette Party

In my professional Potterhead opinion, the one thing that was missing from Deathly Hallows was the scene where Fleur, Gabrielle, Ginny, Hermione, and Tonks all just got butterbeer turnt the day before the wedding. After all, who wouldn't want to live out the Harry Potter bachelorette party dream? In their defense, I guess Voldemort was terrorizing the entire magical population, and they were just a tad worried that they were all going to get surprise murdered at any moment. (Excuses, excuses.) So it's pretty much on us to do what they could not, and theme our own bachelorette parties to be so aggressively magical that it makes up for all the fun they missed out on.

The good news is that it's surprisingly easy in the Muggle world to make these shenanigans happen. I mean, if we already have such artfully done Harry Potter weddings and Harry Potter wedding vows, why wouldn't we have the bachelorette parties to match? And don't even try to tell me that this wouldn't be the most epic throwdown since the Yule Ball, y'all. If you're ready to get on my level, then here are all the things you'll need to have the best bachelorette party of all time:

Get Your Delivery Owl Ready

The old school way to gather your favorite nerds.

$20, Etsy.

Deck Your Burrow To The Nines (And Three Quarters)

$25, Etsy.

Get Your Squad In Gear

Forget basic b*tches — now is the dawn of basic witches. Embrace your destiny by getting your whole crew clad in their Muggle finest:

Matching Shirts

Rollin' up to the bar like whaddup I'm a big dork.

$65, Etsy.

Matching Tattoos

$5, Etsy.

Guaranteed to get people to try to ~leviosa~ you at the bar.

Get Your Wizard Drank On

Firewhiskey Labels

Slap it on a bottle of Fireball for the ultimate magical pregame.

$5, Etsy.

Butterbeer Labels

You can put it on your favorite brews and drink a delicious lie, or if you're feeling extra ambitious, you can DIY your own butterbeer at home.

$5, Etsy.


I feel like this would work best with the third movie, because for some reason there was a bunch more #sass in that one than all the others, and also it is the least likely to make you drunkenly tailspin into tears on your SPECIAL DAY.

Eat Like You're On A Spree At Hogsmeade

I heard food is a new ~magic~ way to absorb alcohol ... so Accio junk food, amirite?

Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans

These basically become their own mini drinking game, if you're brave enough.

$2.25 each, Jelly Belly.

Chocolate Frog Jelly Shots

Fred and George would be so proud. Find the recipe here.

Tuck In For The Night

Bonus points if you fall asleep lulled to the sound of someone drunkenly reading from one of the books.

Have A Game Plan For The Morning

We Muggles think of everything.

$14, Etsy.

Images: Etsy; Giphy