A Nutella-Themed Dessert Bar Is On Its Way

If you thought the creators behind this summer's Nutella-stuffed doughnut milkshake were true artistic geniuses, you are only half right — they are also entrepreneurial masterminds. Australian eatery Foodcraft Espresso, which won over the world's heart with its "Tella Ball" doughnuts and milkshakes, is opening a Tella Balls dessert bar in Sydney's Dulwich Hill. In other words, if you weren't planning a trip Down Under already, you probably are now.

But first, a Tella Balls recap. When last we saw this incredible pastry, it was taking the Internet wondrously by storm in milkshake form this past summer. The Tella Ball, an enormous doughnut stuffed with Nutella and sprinkled with sugar, is a specialty of Foodcraft Espresso that by itself looks way too good to be true, no matter how much you believe in the miraculous power of Nutella. When perched on top of a milkshake consisting of both Nutella and vanilla ice cream, it is something that could very well take over the world some day, because I don't know of anybody who isn't willing to relinquish all control to the delicious chocolate-hazelnut spread. I know it sounds like a lot of talk — which is why you kind of just need to see it to believe it. Here's the world-famous Tella Balls:

And here's the Tella Ball milkshake:

One more time. Tella Balls:

Tella Ball milkshake:

As you can see, the Tella Ball is a thing to be respected, revered, and replicated en masse. That's where the Tella Balls dessert bar comes into play. Boasted on the soon-to-be cafe's Facebook page, the new venture will be dedicated to "all things Nutella & more!"

So what does that mean, exactly? BuzzFeed Life reports that the new Australian cafe will feature a whole host of Nutella-themed desserts, from cheesecake to macarons, plus a surprise item that still has yet to be revealed. I can only imagine what that means, exactly, but I can say this with complete certainty — it's going to be amazing. Might I remind you what we're dealing with here:

The dessert bar is slated to open in November, which gives you a few weeks to arrange for someone to fill in for you at work while you book a last-minute trip to Australia to check out the grand opening yourself. Just make sure you bring some Tella Balls back home with you to give out as a huge "thank you."

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Image: Foodcraft Espresso/Instagram