'90s Horror Movies Ruined These Places Forever

If your October isn't complete without a horror movie marathon, then you know that '90s horror flicks provide some of the best sources of entertainment. The decade that gave us Beverly Hills, 90210 and Lisa Frank also gave us some of the best slasher flicks, from the delightfully campy I Know What You Did Last Summer to the self-referential Wes Craven classic Scream. Scary movie connoisseurs will barely bat an eye at the bloodbath on screen, while other horror enthusiasts who favor themselves "tolerant scaredy cats" may have be just slightly more effected by the decade's scariest stuff. There may be different levels of fear when it comes to '90s horror movies, but that doesn't mean that they haven't affected our subconscious: there are plenty of places that instill fear in any '90s kid. (Thanks, Jennifer Love Hewitt.)

The best we can all hope for in this world is that we never stumble upon a deserted mental hospital, toxic lake, or abandoned house that's just this side of haunted. Our horror movie heroes and heroines have never been that lucky, and in turn have polluted are brains into thinking that pretty much everywhere is a danger zone.

So, what places did '90s horror films totally ruin for us? Here are the places we're still creeped to go to after dark. (And, sometimes, during the daylight.)

1. Toy Stores

Technically, Child's Play came out in 1988, but its sequels are pure '90s goodness. Chucky, the doll possessed by a serial killer who has absolutely no chill, loves going back to the scene of the place where he was killed. Those beady doll eyes on you while you're walking down the toy aisle looking for a doll for your niece? No thanks — Amazon has the same stuff, right?

2. Dark Deserted Roads

Technically, it's our rowdy crew of co-eds who did the damage in I Know What You Did Last Summer by pulling a hit and run — but deserted roads should still terrify you because there's always the possibility that someone else is watching your dirtiest deeds. Also: if you hit someone, fess up and go to the police. Trust.

3. Sewer Drains

The scariest thing about sewer drains is that they are literally everywhere, which means that Pennywise the Clown from the 1990 Stephen King mini-series It could be as well. Don't get too close to them, lest a killer clown tempt you with balloons and candy.

4. Garages

Tatum's showdown with the killer in the original Scream will definitely make you think twice about going to grab that extra case of Diet Coke in the garage by yourself. It will also remind you that you should never, ever attempt to squeeze through a doggy door.

5. Serial Killer Dungeons

You were probably always scared of that, but Silence Of The Lambs likely reminded you of how much you did not want a serial killer to criticize your moisturizing routine.

6. Crawl Spaces

This scene from The Sixth Sense reminded '90s horror fans of two things: the first is that crawl spaces are the stuff of nightmares, and the second is that bullies are far scarier than ghosts.

7. Any Place Where Sex, Drinks, And/Or Fun Is Being Had

You can thank Scream's Randy for laying down this horror movie law. It shouldn't keep you from tequila and sexy time, but damnit, it should make you far more weary of it.

Don't hide under your covers, though: these are just '90s horror movies. (And besides, you won't be safe from ghosts under there, anyway.)

Image: Columbia Pictures