The Harry Potter iBooks Are Truly Magical

As if you didn’t already spend enough time re-reading your favorite wizarding tale, the entire Harry Potter series is now on iBooks. In other words, you can download all seven books onto your phone and read them on the subway. Or under your desk at work. Or on a date. Seriously, just all the time.

And these aren’t just the same old Harry Potter ebooks that have been kicking around on Kindle for a while. This is a brand new, interactive, animated Harry Potter that manages to make Hogwarts even more magical than it already is. Up until Thursday morning, these books were only available on Pottermore, but now you can play with them right from your iPad, for just $9.99 each.

Each title has an all-new cover (that looks nothing like the one on your bookshelf), as well as a custom, ultra-modern typeface, bringing Harry Potter well and truly into the 21st century. Flipping through the books, readers will come across interactive illustrations that come to life under their fingers. Not bad for Muggles, eh?

No matter how many times you’ve read the books, I have a feeling that the Harry Potter iBooks will make them feel brand new. And if you’ve never read Harry Potter at all (I’m not judging, I read them all for the first time just last year) — well, this is the perfect time to start.