Taylor Swift Made A Makeup Boo Boo

Taylor Swift's makeup look is practically iconic at this point. The winged liner, perfect skin, and red lip are definitely her signature, and it's easy to see why it's become a style to emulate. However, it appears as though Taylor Swift suffered a makeup malfunction while out this week in New York City. Although minor, the style's beauty game is so on point at all times that it comes as kind of a major shock. That being said, who of us hasn't applied a little too much banana powder for that extra bit of under eye highlight?

Recently, highlighting has been all the rage. Not because of the famous Kardashian highlight and contour routine but as a result of a new trend called strobing. Strobing has reached popularity — in my opinion — because it required significantly less products than a traditional contour routine but makes your skin look like it's glowing from the inside out. Instead of creating the complicated darkened ares of your face, strobing instead enhances the high points, placing less emphasis on the areas of shadow. The look is — without a doubt — one of the biggest makeup trends of the year, and differentiates itself with the shimmering quality often given to the skin.

While I don't think Taylor tried to under eye strobe, it does appear as if her makeup artist (or even herself) attempted to achieve a brightened under eye area. While this is often done with banana powder, it looks as if the powder used may have been a bit too light or just improperly blended.

This is definitely the first time I've heard of T. Swift having a makeup fail, and it's definitely not an egregious one like I've seen before. In fact, it's pretty subtle. However, if you're worried about your own beauty routine, there are some things to do to prevent the same mishap.

Blend, Blend, Blend

Jaclyn Hill is the queen of blending, and she's the pro when it comes to teaching you how to blend out an under eye highlight.

Try Out Strobing

This strobing tutorial from Benefit gives you tons of brightness without having to worry about blending out a powder.

Double Check Your Concealer

Your concealer should be one to two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. If you go too light, you'll look more than a little mismatched. It's not cute.

Try Banana Powder

A lot of time, people will attempt to highlight with a bright white translucent powder. Try a banana powder instead for a highlighted but bit less ghostly look.

Go Au Natural

The "no makeup" makeup look is all the rage right now, and the best part is that it rarely requires under eye highlight. It's a perfect look for everyday that ensures no makeup fails.