All Is Not Well With Jackson & April On 'Grey's'

Well, I think we can say it’s official — one of the last standing couples on Grey's Anatomy, Jackson and April, has met their end. Season 11 brought plenty of changes for this duo — their son died, and April went off on a Doctors Without Borders sabbatical without discussing it with Jackson — and in Season 12, all of the consequences are coming to fruition. April came back a few weeks assuming that everything would be fine between she and Jackson, and boy, was she wrong. Understandably, Jackson feels abandoned, mostly because his wife just packed up and left to go save orphans in the third world. Not that it’s not a good cause, but one would think a person would discuss it with his or her spouse first, you know?

In any case, April came back determined to make her marriage work, and Jackson in as many words told her to get out and don’t come back. He even called her a “bunny boiler” because she was acting “crazy” (which, ugh, I hate when women are called crazy but I guess in this case it was valid). When Jackson tells April that he’s changing the locks tomorrow when she leaves for work, April says that she’ll come in with a crowbar. But in actuality, April came home to the same locks on the apartment — but no Jackson. Instead, Jackson gave up their dwelling and is now sleeping on Bailey’s couch (much to her chagrin). Hope he moves to a hotel soon.

While my heart hurts for April, I don’t really know how she didn’t think that her actions would have repercussions. When you essentially abandon your marriage, how could you think that you could return and everything would be hunky dory? I’m glad that Jackson has taken the steps to dissolve their union, because April’s whole “we’ll work through it” spiel is getting old. Sometimes, you can’t work through it. Both April and Jackson will be happier when they can move on.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC; Giphy