A Secret Is Revealed On 'Heroes Reborn'

"Things change Luke, you gotta keep changing with them." Oh Joanne, you have no idea how right you are. After Luke's brief encounter with the sun nearly blowing him up, he had to (very quickly) get right with the fact that Luke is now an Evo who can harness the sun, the very thing that he and his wife had been hunting down and killing since the death of their son. That's not an easy thing to come to terms with, and it's made even worse by Joanne who just wants to keep on killing and killing. It looked like he was going to sit the next death-trip out, but after he tells her that he still loves her (after her own, far less romantic pep talk for him to evolve) he goes with her. It's hard to tell if he was planning on telling her that whole time that he had evolved in more ways than one.

It would be impossible to hide it from her, his control is not that good but it was still surprising when Luke revealed his secret and ended his marriage. After reflecting on how peaceful she was after their first kill, and how it tormented him he simply let his hand burn in the sun, and then incinerated the list with the Evo information they stole from Noah. After threatening to kill him (which I did not for a moment think she would do) she simply got out of the car and walked away. A dramatic exit for a very bold lady, but it was a little strange that she didn't bring a purse or a suitcase or anything practical. I guess a gun is really the only thing she needs.

So now Luke is left on his own to try and build a new life for himself and I couldn't be happier. He needs something productive to do with himself and his powers and there are a lot of Evos out there who could use some help. Hopefully he hunts them down next, but this time to lend a (burning) hand.

Images: John Medland/NBC