Why Does Davina Want Hayley On 'The Originals'?

Hayley opened up this season of The Originals being MIA, which is par for the course after what happened to her last season. Klaus cursed Hayley and the other wolves to live in their wolf forms save one night a month on the full moon — the opposite of the original werewolf curse — she's been living in the bayou, reuniting with Elijah once a month to see her daughter, Hope. When The Originals returned for its third season on Thursday, Hayley was, shockingly, nowhere to be found. Elijah prepared an elaborate family picnic for her and Hope to enjoy on her one night of freedom, but Hayley never got to see it. Instead, she woke up alone with Davina, who kidnapped her. But what does Davina want Haley for?

Having taken her place as the leader of the witches, Davina is now learning that it isn't easy being in charge. For one, she's outlawed any witches helping out vampires, and that includes making new daylight rings for Marcel. But, not all witches want to blindly follow Davina's rule, and after one publicly attacks her, Davina scrambles to come up with a plan to cement her authority. Whatever it is, it seems to have something to do with Hayley, who wakes up suddenly, naked and in her human form, trapped alone with Davina. When Hayley demands to see her daughter, Davina tells her that she will, after she does something for her.

Davina may be keeping Hayley captive for now, but she also might have saved her life. A new threat is trying to kill all werewolves in town, and magically taking Haley out of the bayou could have saved her from the gunman killing her pack. That aside, it's unclear what Davina wants with Hayley, or how Hayley could help her gain the respect of the witches.

As queen of the werewolves, having Hayley as an ally could give Davina an edge. Not only would she control the witches, but she would also have an army of wolves at her beck and call. Moreover, Davina has what the wolves need: Magic. No wolf is more desperate than Hayley to break the curse Klaus placed upon them, so there's no telling what Hayley might be willing to do for Davina in exchange for the ability to return to her human form. This brings us to my next theory: Davina wants to bargain Hayley's human form for some of baby Hope's power. I don't think Davina is dumb enough to believe that Hayley would give up Hope or her power entirely, but she might be willing to part with a bit of it if it meant being able to raise her daughter herself instead of just holding her one night a month.

Whatever Davina has planned, I just hope it involves giving Hayley her control over her wolf side back. Baby Hope needs her mom, and I need more Hayley/Elijah sexual tension!

Images: The CW; Giphy