7 Reasons Haylijah Is 'The Originals' OTP

by Alice Walker

I have a confession to make: Back when they announced that Julie Plec was creating Vampire Diaries spin-off based on the Originals, I was thrilled. I wasn't as thrilled about Hayley Marshall coming along for the ride at first, though. As much as I loved all of the other characters and couldn't wait for them to have their own show, I was just not on board with Hayley. I didn't love her interactions with Tyler and she was interfering with my hardcore Klaus/Caroline love (the quickest way for me to dislike someone). I worried that she would throw the whole show off. Boy, was I ever wrong. Now not only do I like this girl, I'm rooting for Hayley & Elijah to be The Originals' endgame couple.

Within moments of arriving in New Orleans Hayley was strong, independent, and funny. She was a fully realized and complicated woman who didn't let anyone push her around. The second she locked eyes with Elijah and their chemistry sizzled off the screen, I realized I had turned into captain of the Haylijah ship. Over the last two seasons they have developed into the best will-they-won't-they couple out there. Even though Hayley is currently married to another man, it doesn't mean that Hayliah isn't destined to be the endgame on The Originals. Not convinced? Here are seven reasons why Hayley and Elijah are soulmates, and the real heart of the show.

7. They Take Care Of Each Other

From the very beginning of the show, these two have tended to one another in the sweetest way. When Hayley was cursed by the witches to have a heat-induced miscarriage, Elijah talked her through in the pool while Davina broke the spell. Hayley quickly repaid the favor when Elijah was bitten by Klaus and had hyrbid-induced deleria. Hayley stayed with him and nursed him through, which is kind of a lot considering they didn't really know each other that well at the time. Whenever any crisis or explosion goes down (basically all the time in New Orleans) they check on each other, and take care of the other before doing anything else.

6. They Are Friends First

One of the fringe benefits of being pregnant with another man's baby is it keeps you from jumping into a new relationship too fast. This goes double when the father of the baby is the brother of your crush. (Hey, no one ever said their love was simple.) Even though they've been attracted to one another since they first met, their relationship is built on a foundation of friendship. They know one another, and accept the good and bad sides. They're actually friends, even though we all know they are so much more.

5. He Watches Her Back

From day one, Elijah has been turbo-protective of Hayley. And sure, part of that came from her carrying the magic baby, but the other part of that is caring for her so much he want's to keep her safe from all of the many threats that surround them. Even when they are fighting, or she is with another guy, he still watches out for her every step of the way.

4. The Show Ditched The Love Triangle

They very easily could have taken a page from The Vampire Dairies and turned Klaus/Elijah/Hayley into another "torn between two brothers" style love triangle. But they never really did. Klaus, smart vamp that he is, immediately picked up on the Hayley/Elijah subtext and never pursued Hayley. While he is protective of being the father figure to Hope, he and Hayley have found a nice "friends/frenemies with a baby" rhythm. He's even taken up teasing her about how into Elijah she is, because he knows.

3. They Let Each Other In

Hayley never really had any family, and Eliijah's family is the definition of "messed up." She doesn't trust anyone easily, except Elijah. In return, Elijiah's speech to Klaus after Hayley "died" in the Season 1 finale was basically the most heartbreaking thing to ever happen on the show. His grief proved just how deeply they had wormed their way into each-others hearts, without even sleeping together.

2. He Lets Her Go

Can we take a moment to talk about Elijah stepping aside and letting Hayley have a drama free wedding to Jackson? He loves her so much he values her happiness before his own, even if that means moving out of his own house so she can make her marriage work. Basically, he's letting her fly away from him like a butterfly, and she's going to come back because they are in love forever.

1. Off The Charts Chemistry

Can you say hot hot hot? Whether they are just doing your run of the mill repressed forehead kissing, staring longingly at the other, or just flat out getting down, these two ooze sex appeal. Every interaction crackles with subtext beyond any of the other characters on the show. So forget Jackson/Hayley, and don't even bother with Elijiah and Katerina (or that new vampire on the scene Gia) it is all about Haylijah, and always will be.

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