Everyone Needs To Stream Selena Gomez's 'Revival'

You know how Selena Gomez has been talking about her upcoming album Revival and how it's totally her and how it's going to introduce the kind of sound she wants to be known for as an artist? Well, she wasn't kidding. Gomez released Revival on Friday, and it's everything that she promised and more. From the first track "Revival," which, as the title song of the album, perfectly introduces the overarching themes and principals that Gomez has been living with, to the final track "Perfect," the pop star's voice is strong, her confident is peak, and her music is amazing. However, don't take my word for it. If you're wondering when Gomez's Revival will be on Spotify, because you're too poor to afford anything but a Spotify account, then worry not. It's available to stream right now.

The pop star released her album to iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify all at once — this coming after she released teaser lyrics from the album to keep people on the precipice of their excitement over her new music. Honestly, she didn't need such gimmicks. It's been two years since Gomez released a proper album, and she's been brave enough in recent weeks to open up about the fact that she has lupus and to explain how that affected her in the past couple of years, and how she incorporated her experience into her music. This was quite possibly Gomez's most anticipated album ever, and it definitely lives up to the hype.

In every single song, you can tell that Gomez is happier and healthier than she ever has been before, and her voice and music has a way of making you feel like her confidence and success is your confidence and success. Her songs are sultry, they're empowering, they're sweet, they're optimistic, they're realistic, they're — well, everything, basically, but I think, by this point, you can tell that this album has pretty much turned me into a giant Selena Gomez fangirl. If this is the sound — and the message — that Gomez wants to apply to her career going forward, then I am totally here for it. She has grown, her music has grown with her, and the things that she has to say in song are interesting, important, and fun.

Stream her album below, or just pull up your Spotify app and get ready to block the world out for the rest of the day.