'Stitchers' Halloween Special Has Scares & Clues

Any fans who are still reeling from the explosive Stitchers finale must be counting down the days until Oct. 20. No, that's not the Season 2 premiere date, but something almost as exciting: The Stitchers Halloween special. Based on what we know so far, it seems that the Halloween special will be fittingly scary and silly, something confirmed by the Stitchers Halloween episode preview shown at New York Comic-Con, as well as what the cast and creator had to say about it during the ABC Family panel.

While the episode, titled "When Darkness Falls," will make you both laugh and scream, there is one thing it won't do: reveal what happened to Cameron in the Season 1 finale. Series creator Jeffrey Alan Schechter explained thatthe special works as a standalone episode, but still fits into the series' overarching story. Cameron will be in the episode, however that shouldn't be read as a sign that he survived the finale. The cast and creator can't reveal exactly when the episode is set within the show's timeline, though Schechter did tease that, "the attentive fan might pick up on certain clues ... that tell you how it all fits in." At the very least, he later said that as Season 2 unfolds, he thinks those small clues will make sense to anyone who may not have understood them when they first watched the Halloween episode. Check out the trailer below.

During the panel, a clip of "When Darkness Falls" was screened, and while there didn't seem to be any clues in that particular preview, it certainly made good on the promise of scares. The scene began like many on Stitchers have, with Kirsten getting into the tank. This time, however, she is confused as to why no one has called out the case number that they are working on. When she sits down, the water begins to drain from the tank, and though she yells to everyone that something is wrong, no one moves. Once the tank drains completely, dirty, brown water begins rushing in, just as metal restraints clamp Kirsten down. She screams for help — shouting Cameron's name in particular over and over again — until the water covers her mouth so she can't anymore.

Sounds terrifying, right? Luckily, it was just a nightmare, as Kirsten soon wakes up to the sound of thunder and lightening. Of course, that doesn't mean all is well, as she soon sees the shadow of footprints under her door, only to look out her peephole and see an empty doorway. When she double-checks, a figure suddenly appears at Kirsten's door, and that's where the clip leaves us.

So for every joke and fun costume promised in the "When Darkness Falls" trailer, know that Stitchers will deliver just as many scares. And if you pay attention, some Season 2 clues too.

Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family