'DWTS' Lindsay Arnold & Her Husband Are Too Cute

Some couples are cuter than others, that's just a fact of life. However, it may be possible that no couple is cuter than Dancing With The Stars pro Lindsay Arnold and Sam Cusick. The pair got married in the summer of 2015, and since then their social media presence has been a never-ending barrage of everything romantic comedies told you love could be. When Arnold isn't spending her time foxtrotting or jazz dancing onstage with Alek Skarlatos, she's using Twitter and Instagram to document how adorable her husband is, and how happy she is with him. Lindsay Arnold and Sam Cusick's cutest pictures are just the tip of the iceberg for this adorable relationship.

Arnold and Cusick are both in their early twenties, and their pictures capture the feeling of being in your youth and going on adventures with someone close to you. While love takes many different forms, these two seem to have figured out how to make their relationship look like a fairy tale (which seems to involve a lot of hiking and romantic sunlit backdrops). Here are some of the cutest pictures from Arnold and Cusick's relationship that will make you wish you could be their third wheel.

1. Easter Sunrise

I wasn't kidding about those romantic sunlit backdrops.

2. Sports Fans

Arnold and Cusick like showing off their sports allegiances, which include NBA MVP Steph Curry and NFL's Tom Brady.

3. Day In The Park

I'm sorry, this really doesn't seem fair. Putting these two in a picture and then adding a fluffy dog is like pouring sugar on a chocolate sundae: It's too sweet.

4. Big Fish

It's like they say: A couple who fishes together, stays together. (They say that, right?)

5. Moose In The Woods

I'm sure we all wish we were Moose in this picture.

6. Electric Daisy Carnival

These two also seem to enjoy taking trips to EDM concerts, and certainly know how to dress for a festival.

7. Super Spooky

Even when they look creepy, these two somehow manage to look adorable together.

8. Marriage License

This is probably the wrong takeaway from this picture of an important moment, but these two have some great teeth. Even the teeth in this relationship are great.

9. Hammertime

"Why is he holding a hammer?" you may ask. The answer, of course, is "to smash the ice around your heart that made you believe love like this wasn't possible." Obvs.

10. Love At Sea

These two seem to always take pictures when the sun is setting into a yellow glow off in the horizon.

11. Alley Models

Arnold and Cusick look like they are entirely at peace in each other's arms in this nice city alley.

12. Funny Face

It's not entirely clear what Arnold is doing here, but it's clear that Cusick thinks it's adorable.

With a love like theirs, it's clear the pair is meant to last forever. And, that's great news for us because it means the adorable photos will never stop coming.