3 Easy Vintage Taylor Swift Halloween Costumes That Bring Back Memories Of Her Country Days

New Taylor Swift is a sassy haircut, short skirt, and legs for days. Vintage Swift was all about curls that didn't quit, carrying an acoustic guitar everywhere she roamed, and a serious collection of cowboy boots. The truth is, few people are going to know who you are if you dress like 2015 Swift for Halloween — simply because a whole lot of folks are already dressing like her on a regular basis (who came blame them)? But if you think outside the box a bit and travel back in time to when the singer was just starting out and on the road to becoming the most famous performer on the planet, deriving some Halloween costume inspiration from vintage Taylor Swift.

In the old days (if that's how you insist on referring to 2008), the 25-year-old hadn't yet discovered a winning look that worked for her, so she experimented a bit with various dress lengths and styles that brought out different sides of her personality. The common denominator among these three styles is that they're youthful, fun, and hark back to a time when Swift was a bit more romantic and boasted a somewhat less impressive girl squad. Choose your favorite Swift and get to work creating the simplest Halloween costume of your life.

Option #1: "You Belong With Me" Taylor Swift

Obviously, everyone wanted to be Swift in her 2008 video and not the mean brunette wearing that questionable half-naked red prom gown in the last scene. Luckily, the outfit the singer wears while exchanging notes with her hot neighbor is dead-easy to recreate.

Grab a pair of plaid pajama bottoms like these from Forever 21.

Borrow an oversized white t-shirt from your boyfriend or dad and, using a black Sharpie, write "Junior Jewels" in large letters on the front. If you're awesome at imitating others' handwriting, cool: Get to work penning fake messages to yourself on your shirt. If not, enlist the help of family and friends to come up with their cutest notes in various marker colors.

Throw your hair in a messy ponytail, or, if you aren't blonde, grab a wig (the one below is the "Country Pop Star" wig from Party City and costs $20), which is kind of essential to pull off any Swift look, then complete your look with the biggest black-rimmed glasses you can find, like these from Claire's:

Country Pop Singer Wig, $20, Party City

Finally, you'll need to carry a note around all night. I totally suggest this one:

If people still don't recognize you, start singing the song. And if that doesn't work, stop being friends with them (immediately).

Option #2: Country Taylor Swift

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Aww, remember sweet, super young Swift and how she had no use for fancy gowns when she started out? The pop star wore this handkerchief dress to the 2006 Country Music Awards, along with her trusty cowboy boots and trademark blonde curls. Want to score this look? It's easy breezy.

Handkerchief dresses, like this one from Charlotte Russe, can be found everywhere these days.

The same, of course, goes for cowboy boots like these from Target:

Next, you'll need a kick-ass blonde, curly wig like with option #1 and the wig above works perfectly for this costume.

Option #3: Sassy Short-Shorts Taylor Swift

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A woman who was rumored to have insured her legs for $40 million can and should wear the shortest shorts imaginable whenever possible. Swift's style lately has evolved from micro shorts to more sophisticated dresses and two-piece ensembles, but a few years ago, the star got a lot of mileage from these teeny red shorts — and this is another dead-simple costume to copy.

How cute are these Forever 21 red shorts?

Throw on a sparkly, rock star top. Here's a cute crop top from WithChic.

And finish off with these awesome gold sparkly Oxford shoes from Crazy 8.

This Swift requires a long, blonde wig (Rose Gal) — but one with cute bangs that has the curl blown out a bit.

Finally, you'll need a red microphone (CNAWeb, $5) that matches your shorts.

The most difficult thing about Halloween this year will be choosing which vintage Taylor you want to be — why not satisfy your inner fan by rounding up two BFF's and going as a vintage Taylor Swift squad?

Images: TaylorSwiftVEVO (2); Forever 21 (2); Party City; Claire’s; Charlotte Russe; Target; WithChic; Crazy 8; Rose Gal; CNAWeb