8 Reasons To Date A Debate Club Kid

Listen, I know that debaters don't seem like the kind of kids you would normally date, but trust me when I say that they are some of the best. Debaters are the most under utilized dating resource since Adam Brody's heartwarming portrayal of Seth Cohen on The OC. (That boy was an angel, Summer! How were you so blind?!)

Seriously, though. Pop culture might have led you to believe that dating and debate sound like they are mutually exclusive to each other, but that's totally not true. You need to take off your debate-ist glasses and take a rhetoric class or something, because debaters are awesome dating partners. I am speaking from a very biased place, but you know what? Debaters don't have that many people championing the cause in the media, so I think it's fair if I at least write about it a little. Am I right, people? (I imagined that half of you nodded and the other half closed the computer and made lunch.)

Just imagine how awesome it will be when you bring home a well dressed young debater! They will make you look so good in front of the parentals! Would you have gotten that from a DJ or a Organic Lettuce Grower? No. No, you would not have. So don't be a Summer and forget all about the nerdy Seth Cohen. Be Summer after she got with Seth Cohen. Here is my list of reasons why you should be dating a debate kid:

1. They Dress Well

Their closets are filled with nice suits, ties, skirts, blazers and shoes. What does this mean for you? It means we know how to iron clothes with just about anything (hellooo, hair straightener) and get anything from zero to hero in a pinch. It also means that we will show up to your friends' murder mystery party looking so spankin' handsome that nobody will realize we were the murderer the WHOLE TIME.

2. Parents Love Them

Debaters are naturally good at being charming and likable. They have to do it in order to make arguments sound persuasive. Your parents will be all "no, call me Dad" before we even leave the foyer.

3. They Remember Everything

They will know the date of your graduation party, your mother's birthday and when your next bill is due. Without using an iPhone. (Look, Ma, no hands!)

4. You'll Have An At-Home Professor

Debaters know things. They can turn Google into an actual place of organized information instead of the giant info-dump-hole that it is whenever you try to use it. Your days of scrolling to page three for "why does my back rash look like this" are officially over.

5. Debaters Know The Best Hotels

They have stayed at the cheapest places around the country, when they traveled to tournaments in high school. Debaters know a good deal on a one night stay somewhere that even Kayak wouldn't be able to find. Your weekend getaway game will be unbeatable.

6. You Can Introduce Them To Your Friends

Unlike a lot of people I meet, debaters don't seem to have a problem making conversation. They know a lot of interesting things on a variety of topics. Your friends will have no problem being left alone with them! (They wanted to know the whole history of the U.S. Constitution, right?)

7. They Will Make You Smarterer

Debate will be reading actual (gasp!) newspapers. They will order subscriptions to the New Yorker and Times Magazine. They will make you realize that you haven't read anything that hasn't been on a syllabus for a long time, and it will make you thirsty for knowledge. Dating a debater means wanting to know more!

8. They Will Have Really Cool Jobs!

If you are like me, you love it when the person you are dating loves what they do. Fortunately for you, debaters often not only have cool jobs, but love them — and because they know how to follow their bliss, they will be supportive of you trying to do the same, and help wherever they can.

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