15 Things You Won't Actually Miss About College, So Buck Up, Recent Grads

College was a wonderful period in my life where all I really needed to do was show up to class. That's what makes it really hard to try and find things that I will not miss about it. How can I possibly hate having a relaxed schedule, living with my closest friends and having all that food an elevator ride away? Y'all should appreciate your time in college, because four years is nothing, even if it feels annoying to you sometimes.

I used to hear my friends talking about how excited they were to graduate. I also heard many people who were scared to leave the comfort of their university. It seemed like there were two camps of people and they were on polar opposite ends, with nothing in between. Personally, I loved college, and I sometimes wish I was still there. But then I look around my apartment and realize that I get to do whatever I want, when I want, and there is nothing (short of a capital crime) that will get me kicked out.

I do get that nostalgic kick for a good dorm beer pong game, running to class in my pajamas, or even working all nighters to finish some weird project I put off until the last minute. Boy, college was fun. But now I get to enjoy being an adult in the real world! I pay for gas and electricity and stuff! For those of you feeling nostalgic about college, don't fret. This list is all about the things you wont miss about college at all. Hopefully it will help you get back to enjoying your adult life, because it is truly awesome too!

1. Going Out A Zillion Times A Week

Every Thursday through Saturday there was an unspoken agreement that you and your friends would party. I don't know about you, but after four years of college my partying days are few and far in between. I would much rather kick back and invite a few people over for for beers than spend hundreds of dollars on overpriced drinks. Ever since I graduated college, this has become a much more accepted ritual. #blessed.

2. Having An R.A.

No more write ups, no more quiet hours, no more mandatory floor meetings and weird pizza parties. You are an adult and you do what you want to do. You don't have someone looking over your shoulder all the time! That is, unless you commit a serious crime. Then you are on your own!

3. Sharing A Room With Another Human

Oh god. That was THE WORST. Unless you are like me, and still share a room post college to save money, you are blessed to have your own room. You can walk around naked or just fart without abandon. It's your room!

4. Signing Up For College Classes

This was such a clusterf*ck every single year. No one gets the classes they want, and everyone is angry. Well, you don't have to deal with this ever again!

5. Campus Food

Campus food was often totally OK. I remember I had an omelet once and it was heavenly. But on the whole, college food was a collection of choices that all led to you crouching on the toilet. Luckily that is no longer your problem.

6. Papers, Projects, Pressure

While my classes weren't that hard compared to someone that is a pre-med student, I did feel the pressure to keep my grades up. Now, if I want to read or learn something, I do it on my own time and for myself. Makes me feel more accomplished!

7. The Hellscape Of The Laundry Room

The amount of times I wanted to do laundry but all the washer and dryer unit were taken reached a critical point my sophomore year. It did not get better when I moved off campus my junior year, because all my neighbors were college students. Now my apartment building has grown adults that do their laundry regularly, giving me plenty of options when I decide that wearing my sweatshirt 24/7 for a week is unacceptable.

8. Taping In/Signing In Guests

If anyone not associated with my college wanted to visit, it was like adopting a newborn. I had to be with them all the time, no matter where they were. Not being in college means having whoever you want stay with you for as long as you want.

9. Always Being Two Feet From Everyone

Your friends are important and on most days all you want to do is hang out with them. But sometimes...I just want a little time for myself. That time is limited when your friends all live down the hall and are always knocking on your door. Call me antisocial but mama needs some alone time!

10. Your Drunk Friends

Having to sneak a drunk friend back into the dorms is pretty much like the most stealthy operation someone under 23 can accomplish. Your heart would pound because if caught, there would be repercussions. Once you were inside, it was the familiar shared bathroom stalls that became your friend for two hours while your friend pukes their guts out. Yeah. I don't miss that.

11. Being Broke AF

Because of your extracurriculars, your projects, your partying and your class schedule, you had very little room for work. Unless you had work study or were working a minimum wage part time job, you were dead broke. And that is not a feeling I am going to miss.


No. Just No. Why on earth someone thought those would be comfortable, I have no idea. The mattresses always felt like the designers bought a bag of cement and worked their way backwards. Now that I have an apartment, I made sure to upgrade to a full size bed. It feels like heaven on earth and I am never going back.

13. Pulling All Nighters

Never again. No more sweating over a due date. No more staying in the library until your butt has left an imprint in the chair. Freedom.

14. Being In A College Bubble

Once you go to college that is what that you are for a little while. The clothes you wear have their logo, the things you learn about are part of their curriculum and the friends you make are all experiencing the same things! It's a bubble and one that can get boring and limiting. Once you graduate, the world becomes your bubble.

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