Ed Nygma & Kristen Kringle's First Date On 'Gotham' Ends With Romance, Not A Record Scratch

Even with the conspiracy heating up, Gotham has still been able to make its characters and their relationships the most compelling part of the story. In this week's episode, Ed Nygma and Kristen Kringle went on their first date and the two were able to start what looks like a successful relationship. At the very least, they had a very dorky and adorable kiss to close out their date. It was a long time coming, but all it took was Nygma gathering his courage and inviting Kristen over to his house for an unconventional dinner date. While initially put off, Kristen eventually realized that she has a lot in common with Ed, and even apologized for writing him off at the beginning.

While at first it seemed like the date was going to end badly — there was a moment with a literal record scratch when Ed mistakenly gave away that he knows Kristen's ex is dead — it actually ended quite well. Turns out all Ed needed to do in order to start a romance with Ms. Kringle was, surprisingly, be himself. He made a molecular gastronomy dinner at his house, rather than taking her out to a restaurant and once they got past a little awkwardness, they were able to talk and drink out of test tubes, bonding much more quickly than they ever did at work.

When all seemed to be lost and Kristen headed to the bathroom, presumably out of discomfort with the date, Ed's now-familiar slick but evil visualization of himself appeared, berating him for messing up his chance. I'm very concerned about this side, however, as earlier that voice was spouting some nonsense about Ed "taking" what he "deserves."

Luckily, none of that aggressive pep talk was needed, because as soon as Ed opened up about his alternate persona, Kristen reacted with sympathy, saying "everyone" has a voice like that in their mind. While she may have been just talking about negative thoughts that plague people from time to time, Gotham could have been suggesting that Kristen also has a "dark side."

During her magic show performance, Barbara said that sort of dark side is why she's going to ultimately wind up with Jim rather than Leslie. But while that rant was met with dismissiveness from Dr. Thompkins, maybe it holds some truth about why Ed Nygma and Kristen's first date went so well.

Images: Fox Broadcasting Company, Jessica Miglio/FOX; F*ckYeahGotham/Tumblr (2)