Your Choice In Halloween Movies Says A Lot

Whether you go for the bone-chilling horror of The Shining or the gentle treats of Casper, your favorite Halloween movie is better than any crystal ball when it comes to revealing your personality. The one film you have to watch every October isn't just a testament to how you feel about the holiday — it's also a snapshot of your particular tastes, attitude, and scare tolerance. Halloween comes but once a year, but Halloween movies stick with you like those fourth-grade photographs of you in a makeshift witch costume that your mom shows every person you bring home. Like it or not, your favorite Halloween movie has something to say, and it won't be ignored, Dan!

Are you a fan of gore? Does a childhood favorite still hold the top spot in your heart? Do you get extra excited when you hear the score to The Exorcist? It all means something. What leaves you shivering or nostalgic is all part of what makes you who you are, just like your choice for best Halloween treat (M&M fans join me over here) or the costume you don for the Halloween bash.

Prepare to have your mind blown as you discover what your favorite Halloween movie says about you.


Movies don't scare you, and neither do haunted houses or the old peeled-grapes-are-eyeballs trick. However, you know all of those things scare other people, and over the years you have become the maestro of Halloween. Your love for pranks and your dark sense of humor keep your friends on their toes. Halloween is, by far, your favorite holiday.


When given the choice between modern scares and the classics, you always choose classics. You are the reigning queen of Throwback Thursdays, and you actually like candy corn. A purist, you often get into arguments with people who like remakes and reboots.

The Exorcist

You are hardcore. A true horror fan, you don't need it to be Halloween to delve into the dark side of film. You're pretty sure Stephen King is your soulmate. You would never drink a pumpkin spice latte. You take your coffee as black as your movies.

Hocus Pocus

Growing up is for boring people — you will hang onto your inner child forever. Your whimsical, sweet personality draws people to you, and everyone knows your house will have the most popular fancy dress party of them all. So what if you're not into serious scares? That doesn't make you any less devoted to Halloween and cotton cobwebs.

Paranormal Activity

Halloween is not really your jam, but everyone else is into it, so you try to grin and bear it until a holiday you actually like arrives. You prefer indie movies to blockbusters, and wine-tasting over costume parties. For you, October means sweater weather, falling leaves, and the beginning of Oscar season.


A true romantic, you love any kind of love story. Whether it's an engagement video gone viral or the chaste love between a tween and a ghost, you are all over it. Your favorite holiday is Valentine's Day, and you think the best part about Halloween is planning a couples costume.

The Shining

You're a risk-taker by nature, and it is hard to keep you still for long. A good movie is one of the only things that will do the trick. You are passionate about everything you are into whether it is running, painting, or live-tweeting Scream Queens. You're pretty sure you could have made it all winter in The Shining's hotel — think of all the skiing opportunities!

Shaun Of The Dead

You have a healthy appreciation of all things fannish, and proudly call yourself a fangirl or fanboy. Cult classics, collector's editions, and funny T-shirts make you ecstatic, and there is nowhere you would rather spend Halloween than on the couch having a movie marathon with your friends.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

You have always felt a little misunderstood, and for that reason Jack gives you all the feelings. You live for fall because you feel like it is the time of year when your creativity thrives. You're an old soul, and the holidays leave you feeling both happy and forlorn.

I hope your favorite movie matched your personality, but even if it didn't, you have a whole bunch of movies to add to your Halloween watch list now, right?

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