Photos Of Allison Holker & Her Daughter Show The 'Dancing With The Stars' Pro Is Already An Amazing Mom

Amidst the seriously impressive dance routines of the Oct. 5 "Most Memorable Year" episode, there was a super exciting moment: Dancing With The Stars pro Allison Holker announced she's pregnant with her second child. Her husband Stephen "tWitch" Boss, who she met on So You Think You Can Dance, and her adorable daughter Weslie Renae joined her onstage as she shared the news and the audience erupted in cheers. Weslie is seven years old and recently began second grade — and, in a recent interview with Bustle, Holker revealed that Weslie can't wait to be a big sister. But, for now, she's enjoying one-on-one time with her mom and pictures of Allison Holker and her daughter show that the two have a sweet and loving relationship.

Despite her fame and busy dance schedule, Allison makes plenty of time to be an amazing mom to Weslie. Sure, some of their activities include walking red carpets and hanging out at tapings of Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance, but they also share moments that many mother-daughter pairs can relate to — going on awesome vacations, taking playful photos, and attending concerts. And their resemblance is uncanny — from their smiles to their sense of style.

Here are the 10 cutest pictures of Alison and Weslie that show they have a totally sweet relationship:

1. They Work Out Together

Weslie has already picked up some impressive skills from her talented parents — and she totally holds her own while "hanging out" with her mom.

2. Concert-Goers

Allison and Weslie recently attended a performance by R5, a Los Angeles-based pop rock band. Weslie was naturally dressed to kill, complete with a fabulous hat.

3. Making Faces

The best pic collages are the ones that feature plenty of silly facial expressions. Allison's aren't bad, but it's pretty impossible to compete with Weslie's hilarious face-making skills.

4. Family Vacation

Over the summer, Allison, tWitch, and Weslie traveled to Hawaii. The family naturally took plenty of adorable pictures in the sunshine.

5. They're Always Twinning

Allison and Weslie have an uncanny ability to make the exact same face — and this cute picture shows exactly how much mother and daughter resemble each other.

6. At A Taping Of So You Think You Can Dance

They're frequently in the audience to cheer on tWitch.

7. Tennis Match

Dance isn't their only hobby — Allison and Weslie also find time to attend tennis matches.

8. They Celebrated Mother's Day In An Epic Way

The best way to celebrate Mother's Day is with a whole lot of paint — could there be a better mother-daughter bonding opportunity? And, Allison's sweet caption shows how much Weslie has influenced her life.

9. And, Allison Is One Proud Mama

Despite her celeb status, Allison is a typical mom in many ways and she's proud of all Weslie's milestones, like completing first grade in June.

Based on her relationship with Weslie, it's safe to assume Allison will be an amazing mom to the family's newest addition — and hopefully she'll post just as many adorable Instagram pics.