Allison Holker & tWitch Wedding Photos Will Make You Love This 'So You Think You Can Dance' Couple Even More

Even before they combined forces to become the most adorable dancing couple out there, Allison Holker and Stephen "tWitch" Boss were two of my favorite dancers on So You Think You Can Dance. The pair married in 2013, but after watching So You Think You Can Dance's "A Decade of Dance Special Edition" on July 21, I was inspired to take a look back at photos of the wedding between Allison and tWitch. Obviously, these two endearing and talented people make for a totally endearing and talented couple, and their wedding photos just reinforce that fact.

Although tWitch is working on being a movie star in Magic Mike XXL , he still has time to be the Team Street captain on So You Think You Can Dance's Season 12. Allison has moved from So You Think You Can Dance to become a professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars, but she often comes back as an All-Star on the show that made her a famous dancer. The two dancers competed on different seasons of the Fox reality show, but came together as All-Stars toward the end of Season 7 — and have been together ever since.

Allison and tWitch married at (judge and creator of So You Think You Can Dance) Nigel Lythgoe's winery in Paso Robles, California on what looked like a lovely December day (way to be, California). As the gorgeous couple continues to find success in life and love, here are 16 photos from their big day.

Elegantly Lounging

Bridesmaid and fellow So You Think You Can Dance alum, Comfort Fedoke, captured the bride looking flawless.

Walking Down The Aisle

The groom's mom joined him as he got ready to see his bride for the first time.

Walking Down The Aisle 2.0

Just walking down an aisle wasn't enough for the lovely bride who descended a spiral staircase at the winery. Hey, Nigel — can I get married at your winery too?

Putting A Ring On It

Allison's daughter Weslie from a previous relationship looked on as the two said their vows.

Kissing As Husband & Wife

These talented kids officially became one happy family.

Showing Off Their Crew

After the ceremony, tWitch and Allison were already getting ready to get down.

Striking A Pose

This photo proves that Allison and tWitch have unlimited levels of cuteness.

Looking Happily In Love

The setting Californian winter sun perfectly complimented their newlywed photo shoot.

Nerding Out With The Bridesmaids

Allison and her bridesmaids channeled Harry Potter by casting a spell on some groomsmen.

Nerding Out With The Groomsmen

tWitch and groomsmen revealed their undershirts, proving just how super they all are.

Nerding Out With The Groomsmen 2.0

But on his wedding day, tWitch was obviously the greatest superhero of all.

Entering The Reception

Allison posted this photo showing a "room full of love & support" on her Instagram.

Tearing Up The Dance Floor

Let's be real: Would you really expect anything else from Allison and tWitch?

Roboting With Nigel Lythgoe

Allison and tWitch owe Nigel a lot — and the best way to thank someone is by doing the robot with them.

Showing Off The Rings

No, that's not actually what it looks like — the badass Boss family is showing off their rings, not flipping off the camera.

Feeling The Love

Surrounded by their family and friends (including a super excited Team Stage captain Travis Wall), the beautiful couple shared a kiss. If this photo isn't the epitome of what a wedding should look like, I'm not sure what is.