Cheap & Easy Deflategate Halloween Costumes For Those Who Love Unpuffed Balls — PHOTOS

I know you were thinking it. The whole time you were watching the news coverage, you were thinking "Hmm, but how can I dress like deflategate for halloween?" Because sometimes the news is a little unevenly distributed. For months, "deflategate" came out of every reporter's mouth on every national channel. The story was so popular it made its way to SNL, and even shined as a final question in the Miss America competition, alongside questions pertaining to gun control. That's how important deflategate has become — the country could not pick Miss America without knowing where she stands on the issue!

So, if there's one thing I'm clear on, it's that America loves football and can't get enough of this story. And, I imagine it doesn't hurt that Tom Brady, arguably the country's hunkiest athlete, is in front of the blame. But athletes and sports teams have always been schemers. Because there's so much at stake, the competition is fierce. So why not poke fun at their ruthless ways? They can handle it.

If you're not into spooky costumes with fake blood and plastic teeth, poking fun at the NFL and the sketchy, ridiculous severity of the scandal could be the perfect halloween costume for you.

Option Number One

Sad, deflated football

Football Costume, $22, Find Costume

Make the main focus of the costume the ball. Leave Brady and the Patriots for the less obvious burn. When you walk into the party, everyone will immediately know what they're looking at.


Women's High Waist Mesh Capri, $12, Target

This pair of simple, Patriot-gray leggings look just like the ones the players wear. And, it's a staple item that your wardrobe will thank you for.


Women's Plus Loose-Fit Long-Sleeve Tee, $25, Old Navy

Don't hit the nail on the head with a Patriots jersey. Opt for a navy blue top that will keep you warm and stay in-line with the team's colors, but not over-explain your costume.


Hi Performance Sweatband $7, Dick's Sporting Goods

Now that you have the foundation of your costume, it's time to get punny. Get yourself a patriotic-looking sweatband and with a permanent or fabric marker, write DEFLATRIOTS.

Number 12

Easton Eyeblack $4, Dick's Sporting Goods

Okay, you've got to throw a 12 in there somewhere. All football fans will know that this is Tom Brady's number. Use this eyeblack to write a 1 under your right eye and a 2 under your left eye.

And there you have it. Be prepared to talk about deflategate all night. If you want to be REALLY cheeky ...

Option Number Two


Sun-Maid Raisins, $3, Jet

Walk around the party with a handful of raisins. When people ask why you're walking around with shriveled fruit, just tell them they're wrong, it's your team's footballs.

Tom's Jersey

Men's New England Patriots Shirt #12 Tom Brady, $32, Dick's Sporting Goods

Remember what Brady said when he was asked about the allegations? "It's not like I squeeze the balls, I grip them." So many ball jokes, so little time.

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Images: Old Navy, Target, Dicks, Find Costume