DIY Emoji Pumpkins In 3 Easy Steps

Even if you don't identify as a millennial, emojis have likely worked their way into your everyday "vocabulary." They've leapt their way from iPhone keyboards to fashion, pop culture, memes, and beyond — so obviously, emoji pumpkins were the clear next step towards total domination. After all, this is not a democracy; this is an emoji-ocracy. Ever since these little guys came into our lives, I think we've actually developed new ways of expressing ourselves. Hand-flip girl (aka, "information desk girl") says "whatevs!" in a way I never could through real words. Those little dancing twin girls say "OMG yes, can't wait for our plans later!" more efficiently and evocatively than any string of words (and that would take so much longer to type out). According to Sarah Hyland, you can even order pizza from Dominos via a simple pizza emoji. Revolutionary.

So, when it came time to decorate pumpkins this year, the theme was a no-brainer. How could we communicate so many feelings and ideas through seasonal squash? Emojis, duh! Standard jack-o'-lanterns have been done every which way, but something about their round shape just screamed "emoji-fy me."And so, that's exactly what I did. With minimal tools (and no squishy innard mess), you can totally make your own — very little artistic skill required.

What You'll Need

  • Mini pumpkins — the rounder, the better
  • Acrylic paint in red, black, blue, yellow, and white
  • Assorted paint brushes (large for the surface, and small ones for detail)
  • A black Sharpie

1. Paint Your Base

First, wash and dry your pumpkins so they're free of any dirt. This will make the paint go on as smoothly as possible. Coat the entire body with yellow paint, using your fattest brush. Be careful to avoid the stem. Allow the first coat of paint ot dry.

Coat a second time, let dry, then coat a third time for maximum opacity and color vibrance. Once the last layer is dry, you're ready for faces.

2. Outline Your Faces

Whip out your phone or Google "high-res emojis" so you can reference all the little faces you want to draw. Using your Sharpie, carefully map out where you want to paint. Drawing on a curved surface can be a little tricky, but these faces are simple enough that you should be good. And even if they aren't perfect, they'll still be cute!

3. Paint Your Faces

Now that your faces are drawn on, go in with paint to flesh them out. If you're painting a guy with white eyes or a big grin, paint the white section first. Wait for that to dry before adding your outline so that your lines come out as crisp as possible.

Now, share them like crazy on Instagram and watch those praise hands and heart eyes come flooding in. Congratulations! You are officially a master of your generation.

Images: Kenny Suleimanagich/ Bustle