Fake Lashes For All Of Your Halloween Needs

When it comes to Halloween themed false eyelashes, there’s a whole world waiting for you to discover. There is an incredible range of false lashes out there and the different styles for sale seem endless. You can choose your falsies to complement or contrast with your costume, pick them based on a specific material (such as feathers), color coordinate them to the rest of your ensemble, or go for eccentric lengths and shapes to make a memorable statement.

False eyelashes can add a real “wow” factor to any outfit and celebs are a great place to start to gain inspiration on which pair to pick. Coca Rocha wore black falsies on top of blue lashes that matched her outfit and Agyness Deyn wore feather falsies which gave her a cool Black Swan vibe.

If you’re new to the false eyelash scene and you’re not sure how to wear them, don’t worry because ElegantLashesTV made a really useful video on how to apply Halloween and costume false eyelashes. Their tips include: Applying a base lash, placing the Halloween lashes above the base lashes and on the crease of the eyelid, and finally balance it all out with some “undies” lashes to exaggerate your lower lashes.

Have fun ghouls and make your Halloween costume one to remember this year with a pair of frighteningly fun falsies.

1. The Glittering Cobwebs

Halloween Spider Web Glitter False Lashes, $6, Claires

These glittering cobweb eyelashes are a wonderful accessory to accompany a glamorous witch costume. Think a modernized SJP in Hocus Pocus .

2. The Masquerade Lashes

Eylure Halloween Lashes - Carnival, $13, ASOS

If you're attending a masked ball this Halloween (or you're dressed up like you're going to one), these veiled lashes are the perfect pair.

3. The Vampy Glam Lashes

Kardashian Beauty Bardot Lash, $10, Feel Unique

Perhaps you're not even wearing a costume this year? In that case, these super sultry "Bardot" lashes will make you look vampy but not vampiric.

4. The Eyeball Lashes

Googly Eye Eyelash Jewelry, $25, Etsy

Wear these monstrous eyeball embellished lashes for a truly ghoulish look this Halloween.

5. The Bat Lashes

Bat Halloween Paper Lashes, $10, Amazon

These vampire bat inspired paper falsies will make it even easier to bat your lashes at a cutie come All Hallow's Eve.

6. The Elegantly Webbed Eyelashes

Eylure Strip Eyelashes Halloween - Spooky, $12, Feel Unique

Make everyone look twice with these subtly sophisticated webbed lashes which would make a frightening finishing touch to any Halloween costume.

7. The Ghostly Glow In The Dark Pair

Blue Yellow Glow In The Dark False Eyelashes, $10, Amazon

When the lights go out get ready to spook all your friends with these ghastly glow in the dark false eyelashes which would make a spooky touch to a ghostly costume.

8. The Pumpkin Orange Eyelashes

Feather Costume Eyelashes, $8, Amazon

These fantastical, feathered eye lashes are a super eye-catching design to wear for Halloween. Plus they'll go great with your pumpkin costume.

9. The Vampire Bride Falsies

It's In Your Blood Ultra Sparkly Exclusive False Eyelashes With Blood Red Preciosa Crystal Diamante, $12, Etsy

Hypnotize your victims into submission with these beautiful, long lashes. Your human companion will be so enamoured with your feminine guiles that they won't notice the sparkling yet suggestive blood red crystals that look like droplets of blood upon your peepers. Spooky, right?

10. The Feline Falsies

Eylure Halloween Lashes - Catface, $13, ASOS

Look purrrfect in these adorable feline faced falsies that will be a great talking point and will finish off your kitty costume nicely.

11. The Winged Lashes

False Eye Lashes In Bat, $19, Illamasqua

Make sure you don't end up winging it this Halloween and prepare your spooky beauty look in advance with these eerily elegant bat winged eyelashes that will add another dimension to your bat, witch, or vampire costume.

Halloween is one of the most fun festive seasons of the year, so wear some playful false eyelashes and get into character this year!

Images: Courtesy Brands