Ashley & Tyler Celebrate Birthdays The Right Way

The cuteness is real, Pretty Little Liars fans. If you adore Hanna and Caleb on PLL (who doesn't?), you're about to love them even more. On Monday, Ashley Benson wished Tyler Blackburn a happy birthday with the sweetest Instagram post, alongside the cutest photo of the two (what picture of Haleb isn't adorable?). She wrote, "Happy birthday my sweet angel. You've changed my life in many ways and I am so grateful for that. You're a special one @tylerjblackburn #haleb #forever." Does it get much cuter than that?

Actually, it does. This isn't the first time the two have celebrated their birthdays together or the first time they've posted something about them on social media. In 2014, Blackburn wished his co-star a very happy birthday with a message that some thought could be interpreted as romantic. He wrote, "Been loving this girl for five years. You have brought me so much laughter. You've literally had a huge hand in changing my life. I am so grateful for you. Happy Birthday babe!" The picture didn't help romance rumors, because as you can see below, it looks quite intimate.

With that said, it seems the two are just good friends, especially since Benson was just spotted with Nat Wolff in New York City. Anyways, there's no doubt these PLL stars know how to celebrate birthdays the right way and just like Haleb probably does, by being super sweet, loving, and ensuring the other knows just how much they truly care.

And for those wondering, here's how Haleb totally celebrates their birthdays together:

Hugs Happen

There Are Lots Of Cute Moments

Dessert Is A Must... Duh

There Are Sweet Words

See? Tyler and Ashley = Haleb IRL.

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