The Easiest Way To Be An Emoji For Halloween

Whether you need a fast and simple last-minute Halloween costume, or you are looking for a way to freak your friends out with a creepy (yet super recognizable) mask, you're probably going to want to check out The company just relaunched with 15 emoji masks — just in time to help you pull together the easiest and trendiest 2015 Halloween costume.

You have your choice between confounded, cool guy, crying, evil guy, grin, heart eyes, laughing, laughing tears, moon face, rage, shocked, sleepy, sly guy, unamused, and — of course — poop. So, no matter what you're feeling, you're sure to find a mask to suit the occasion. Unless you want to be one of the monkey emojis. Then you're out of luck — or you're going to have to get creative on your own.

If you're not one who likes to drop a ton of cash on your Halloween costume, then these are sure to give you a real happy face. The masks are super reasonably priced at only $7.99 a piece, and the site also offers party packs of a few different masks. In case, you know, you and all of your friends want to dress as the poop emoji for a group costume. Orders will start shipping on Oct. 13, so you should have your mask just in time for Halloween.

I always think of emojis as fun and adorable. But, I must admit, these masks can actually be slightly creepy. They kind of give me a horror movie vibe, like something out of that film The Strangers. So, don't sneak up on your friends while wearing these, unless you're prepared for some serious screaming.

Aside from a quick Halloween costume and freaking your friends out, there are still plenty of times when an emoji mask is sure to come in handy. You can use one when you don't feel like having to show any real emotions. Or, they'll be great if you plan on robbing a bank (just kidding — obviously don't do that). Oh, and they make for some pretty hilarious Instagram snaps too! Because we all know that's what really matters.

Images: EmojiMasks (2)