7 Easy Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas That Totally Rock — VIDEOS

If finding a Halloween costume is still the last thing on your mind, it's OK! These easy last minute Halloween makeup ideas ensure that whether you've got one day or only one hour to pull a costume together, you still can. Thank to the world of Vloggers, you'll be good to go in time for whatever party you end up hitting.

Halloween should not be a stressful holiday, so don't spend time freaking out about what to be. Since I work a lot and don't have a major budget to drop on epic Halloween costumes, figuring out what I'm going to dress up as isn't exactly at the top of my priority list. I'm also definitely a member of the procrastinators club and personally plan on picking one of the many simple, but cool Halloween costumes that can be achieved solely with red lipstick.

If red lipstick isn't your thing or you just want some additional inspiration, the videos below are short, sweet, and show the plethora of ways you can create an easy last minute Halloween style! From vampires and cats to less traditional Halloween makeup, I promise you'll find a tutorial to follow for your perfect look.

1. Elsa From Frozen

In under six minutes and with things you probably already have in your makeup bag, you can turn into Elsa from Frozen!

2. Puking Snapchat Rainbow

If you've got twenty minutes, you have enough time to make this puking snapchat rainbow happen! You can swap the colored eyeliners for shadow and lipstick too if you need to. Just rub a little coconut oil over the shadow to get the same smoothness!

3. Sexy Kitty

In three minutes with a single black eyeliner, you can transform into a sexy kitty!

4. Creepy Cool Vampire

In just over two minutes, this video breaks down an easy, cool, and totally simple DIY vampire look.

5. Simple Mummy/Zombie

Got six minutes? That's more time than you need to pull off this quick zombie makeup!

6. Creepy Doll

You're only five minutes away from rocking this easy creepy doll Halloween look!

7. Simple Pin-Up

Classic, sexy, and most importantly, super quick!

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Image Credit: Laura Leth/YouTube