Donald Trump Live Tweets The 'Boring' Dem Debate

by Kylie McConville

Ladies and gents, it's happened. As a nation, we're here. We're arrived. And while I doubt anyone would've predicted we'd come on this strong, or this soon, we have. We've reached Peak Donald Trump, y'all, and we're still roughly a year shy of an actual election. Comin' in hot like he is wont to do, Donald Trump is live-tweeting the first Democratic debate, thereby giving us all a gift we never asked for. So while Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Jim Webb, Lincoln Chafee, and Martin O'Malley take to the stage to duke out the issues before them, Trump will tweet along with the rest of the Free World, proving once and for all that stars, they're just like us!

Viewers on both sides of aisle may be interested to see the presidential hopefuls discuss key issues like the Black Lives Matter Movement, gun control, Wall Street, sky-rocketing college costs, and each candidate plans to help lessen the load on middle-class Americans, but Donald, Sweet Donald, is not just here for the issues. Oh, no. He may pay attention to the big-picture topics and concerns (like all Republicans should watch the debate and do), but I'm not alone in knowing his live-tweet critique also include all sorts of crass, inappropriate, and downright rude comments about the candidates that had nothing to do with their policies, plans, and presidential ideologies.

The thing is: Donald Trump has no filter. He says exactly what's on his mind. He throws a tantrum when the adults in the room don't pay attention to him. And he loves saying his own name. Which, if you're reading between the lines, basically a makes him a "threenager" who's stayed up way beyond his bedtime and now his parents have nothing to do but tolerate him.

DT first announced he'd be signing on for the debate, which Clinton then recognized as the opportunity of the evening to deliver a Trump-approved burn not even Trump himself could overlook.

Trump even promised he'd be nice (which is what I imagine "call it as I see it" means to him)!

Then came the onslaught of tweets. So now, without pomp, circumstance, or any kind of explanation at all, here's what America's most enigmatic man just had to get off his chest and onto the internet — tonight.

On The Pre-Debate

On The Commercials

On Putin's Feelings

On The Candidates

On Hillary

On The Important Issues, According To, Well, Trump

On — Who Else? — Donald Trump

Oh, Donald. Never change.